Double the data, double the advantages

Synchronize information between the systems and send automatic campaigns to your contacts, based on their favorite content types, the products they use and their all-in-all online activity

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Fine Tune Your Messaging

to Your Target Audience

Synchronize Data Between Your Systems

Create an interface between the two platforms to synchronize your lead and customer lists, their areas of interest, their ages or any other information you might want to pull from Salesforce into ActiveTrail. Get updates regarding the status of your customers directly from Salesforce and understand where they are in your ActiveTrail sales funnel at any given moment

Create Personalized Customer Journeys That Convert

Activate personalized automation based on a customer's current status and behavior. For example, you can create a combined email and SMS customer journey for customers that have received price quotes from an account manager, wake up dormant customers, give a gift to customers you wish to retain, and much more. The sky is the limit

Plug and Play: One Hour and the Integration Is Ready

No developers, no complicated work and no hidden costs: Quickly and easily setup the integration between ActiveTrail and Salesforce and start putting it to use within an hour of making the connection! It's truly that simple

Help Your Sales Team Win More Customers

Help your sales team ensure a targeted customer experience: allow them to always be up-to-date as to their customers' status and areas of interest, to know what brought them to you, and to offer them the most appropriate products and services

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    Yakir Shohat | Product Manager, Perion

    I just wanted to say that the system is terrific, easy to operate and very comfortable to work with. It was so simple. Within about 20 minutes we had a lovely newsletter, ready to go. Incredible! This is a perfect opportunity to say thank you.
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    Elad Kessler | Internet Activities Manager, Crocs

    Personally, the most important elements of an email marketing system are simplicity and ease-of-use, combined with the ability to reach a maximum number of relevant customers.

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