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When we are not developing, advising, answering calls and chats and building landing pages, we think of our readers and customers.

The ActiveTrail staff is proud to bring you the latest information, news, updates and professional tips in the ActiveTrail blog.

Automate your Email Campaigns with our Visual Autoresponder Software

Create emails that can be automatically sent to recipients in response to certain actions. You can, for instance, send an automatic email after registration, which could include information on sales.

ActiveTrail is blossoming – version updates, May 2016

19 May, 2016 / Email Campaigns
It's not only cherries that blossom in the spring. ActiveTrail is bursting with innovations for the springtime and we can't wait to tell you about them.

Meet ActiveTrail’s newsletter editor – improve your e-mail campaign!

ActiveBuilder simplifies the task of building a campaign. You can build sophisticated and compelling campaigns without any technical knowledge. Simply add images and texts and the system will do the rest for you.

ActiveTrail or MailChimp?

17 January, 2016 / E-mail Marketing
Startups, E-Commerce sellers, from small to large businesses who are looking for flexible mailing packages, marketers working in foreign languages and companies looking for a one stop-shop: ActiveTrail is the software you are looking for.

SMS sending software

Send SMS messages regarding discounts, events and more! ActiveTrail offers an array of enticing SMS packages, enabling you to send messages to your client's mobile device with a click of a mouse.

Create Amazing Landing Pages with ActiveTrail’s Software

ActiveTrail's landing page builder is one of the most advanced builders in the world allowing you to easily build and design landing pages. Your landing page will also look great on mobile devices.

Start subscribing new users with our dynamic email sign up forms

Boost your recipient list and leads with ActiveTrail's friendly sign-up form builder. Easily design responsive and dynamic sign-up forms and incorporate them onto your website and landing page.

Advanced image editor

Our image editor is integrated into the campaign editor, and allows seamless editing of images from the ActiveBuilder. You can crop images, fix red eyes, re-scale and more.

שאלות נפוצות

13 July, 2015 / Support and Study Center
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