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Ron Rabinowicz

Ron is the marketing director in ActiveTrail. He lives and breaths marketing, especially digital marketing, for over a decade. Ron is dealing mainly in merging the wires connecting digital email marketing, digital media, social marketing, content and high user experience.

How to Avoid a High Email Bounce Rate

18 April, 2017 / E-mail Marketing
Email bounce rate is the percentage of email addresses that were not able to receive a message because it was returned by the server or recipient. Here are 6 simple ways to avoid a high email bounce rate

ActiveTrail Acquires TargetHero

25 September, 2016 / E-mail Marketing
With its acquisition of TargetHero, ActiveTrail has taken another step in bringing its industry leading email marketing platform to an ever increasing number of users across the globe.

Achieve Perfect Conversion Rates With a Landing Page Creator

6 May, 2015 / Landing Pages
Conversion is the name of the game: This is how you can pull it off

How to Boost Your Leads Considerably with the Help of Landing Pages

19 July, 2016 / Landing Pages
Turn a lead into a happy customer: It's time to use landing pages in your marketing efforts

What Makes ActiveTrail the Best Email Marketing System?

Everything you need to know about ActiveTrail's special features

How to Market a New Startup

22 February, 2015 / E-mail Marketing&Email Campaigns
Marketing do's and don'ts for your startup and what services are granted for free

It’s Time to Start Using an SMS Marketing Software

22 March, 2015 / How To&Newsletter Marketing
Marketing with SMS: Here are some tips that will help you get started with your first SMS campaign

Infographic: All the important up-to-date data for email marketing

27 March, 2016 / E-mail Marketing
The following infographic sums up the most important data regarding email marketing, marketing strategies, and the most successful features, making it clear how and why you should keep emailing.

Promoting Small Businesses: How Email Marketing Can Help Boost Your Business

Efficient Marketing: Here’s a list of advantages that email marketing has for your business

Profit and Loss: In which social network should you be marketing?

If you're not already taking advantage of social networks in your marketing plan, let us convince you to start.
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