Ofek Gilboa

Ofek Gilboa

Ofek is ActiveTrail’s content and video director. He has graduated from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and he has broad experience in the fields of Content Management and New Media.

He lives with his girlfriend, with whom he is raising the cutest dog in the world.

ActiveTrail Automations in Practice (Part 1 of 4) Onboarding

30 October, 2016 / Email Campaigns
Real world examples of ActiveTrail clients using automations to create more streamlined, effective digital marketing campaigns that yield better results. Although made easier by software platforms such as ActiveTrail, running a multiple mail email marketing campaign over time can be quite an undertaking. You may want to send out a series of mails, or, perhaps

ActiveCommerce – the tool that will skyrocket your online store’s sales

Introducing ActiveCommerce – the world’s most advanced email marketing tool for e-commerce. Increase your sales by hundreds of percent with the help of targeted, automated campaigns, helping you maximize your revenue from each and every visitor to your website.

The Complete Guide To Remarketing With Landing Pages

2 November, 2015 / Landing Pages
Learn how to quickly and easily reel back in past visitors to your landing pages with the help of Facebook and Google’s remarketing tool.

Use Our Survey System to Learn What Your Customers Think of You

21 December, 2015 / How To
As business owners, it’s important that we know what our customers think about our products and services. Customer feedback helps us understand where are our weak points, so we can try to improve them.

Guide: How Can Thank You Pages and Conversion Codes Lower Your Advertising Costs?

6 December, 2015 / Landing Pages
Understand once and for all what role does thank you pages play in your landing pages and how adding a conversion code to your page can save you loads of money.

How Do You Segment Contacts? Here’s how to email your contacts exactly what suits them

11 July, 2016 / Newsletter Tool
ActiveTrail's email marketing platform, especially our automation system, allows you to send email and SMS campaigns according to your contacts' groups and preferences, in short – by segmentation.

A/B Testing: The tool you can’t do without in creating your campaign

9 March, 2016 / How To
Every campaign manager and every content manager uses the features that suit them and that they're used to working with. Whether you're used to working a lot with the important reports that analyze your campaigns or whether you focus on management of the recipients on your mailing list (we recommend doing both, of course)- for every campaign you send out from the ActiveTrail system, it's important to do A/B testing.

All the Important Data: A Review of Online Purchasing in 2015

4 February, 2016 / E-mail Marketing
As compared to previous years, the digital commerce revolution continues to change the buying habits of consumers, who have discovered the many advantages that come with purchasing products on the web.

Switch to auto-pilot: the automatic emails that will do your work for you

15 June, 2016 / Newsletter Marketing
The autoresponder is a feature that does all the work for you. With a little creativity, it can be one of the most efficient, successful ways for you to obtain and retain your customers’ attention.

Increase Your Sales: 5 Professional Tips for Your Online Store

21 January, 2016 / How To
Times are changing, and more businesses are turning to the web, opening online stores in order to sell their products. Learn how to upgrade your online store with 5 tips from a Pro
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