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Email Mistakes Happen: How to Remedy an Accidental Email Send

15 February, 2017 / / E-mail Marketing
Oops... Here are three things you can do to recover from accidental email sends.

Net Promoter Score – How Much Are You Worth to Your Clients?

11 February, 2017 / / E-mail Marketing
NPS (=Net Promoter Score) is a significant and simple management tool of customer satisfaction that will help you gain more profits and is now available in ActiveTrail!

Must Know Techniques for Personalizing Emails (Beyond Referring to Recipients by Name)

28 January, 2017 / / E-mail Marketing
Not satisfied with the opening rates of your campaigns? It's time to learn more advanced personalization tactics...!

How to Use SMS to Compliment Your Email Marketing Campaigns

25 January, 2017 / / E-mail Marketing
Best practices in SMS marketing and how ActiveTrail's automation system makes it easy for you to create a consolidated marketing campaign through various channels.

Email and SMS: The Power Couple of Marketing Automation

19 January, 2017 / / E-mail Marketing
How do we take further advantage of this mobile lifestyle? Simple. By joining forces with SMS marketing.

10 Email Marketing Trends to Expect in 2017

15 January, 2017 / / E-mail Marketing
This 2017, marketers can expect more from email marketing. Here are 10 predictions that can help you create an email campaign that will boost your business profit!

ActiveTrail Automations in Practice (Part 2 of 4) Personalization

13 November, 2016 / / E-mail Marketing
Real world examples of ActiveTrail clients using automations to create more streamlined, effective digital marketing campaigns that yield better results. We kicked off this series of blog posts with a brief review of email marketing automations, how they help,...

ActiveTrail Acquires TargetHero

25 September, 2016 / / E-mail Marketing
With its acquisition of TargetHero, ActiveTrail has taken another step in bringing its industry leading email marketing platform to an ever increasing number of users across the globe.

How to make great pop-ups for lead generation

18 August, 2016 / / E-mail Marketing
Pop-ups, sign up forms that pop up in your website, have different roles. Their main function, of course, is to generate leads, grow your mailing list, and ultimately – your number of customers!

Meet ActiveTrail’s Affiliate Program

8 May, 2016 / / E-mail Marketing
Promote ActiveTrail's email marketing system and start earning a 15% renewable monthly commission!
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