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ActiveTrail Acquires TargetHero

25 September, 2016 / / E-mail Marketing
With its acquisition of TargetHero, ActiveTrail has taken another step in bringing its industry leading email marketing platform to an ever increasing number of users across the globe.

How to make great pop-ups for lead generation

18 August, 2016 / / E-mail Marketing
Pop-ups, sign up forms that pop up in your website, have different roles. Their main function, of course, is to generate leads, grow your mailing list, and ultimately – your number of customers!

Meet ActiveTrail’s Affiliate Program

8 May, 2016 / / E-mail Marketing
Promote ActiveTrail's email marketing system and start earning a 15% renewable monthly commission!

Infographic: All the important up-to-date data for email marketing

27 March, 2016 / / E-mail Marketing
The following infographic sums up the most important data regarding email marketing, marketing strategies, and the most successful features, making it clear how and why you should keep emailing.

Not only flowers: On Valentine’s Day you can market anything

10 February, 2016 / / E-mail Marketing
With the aroma of chocolate, flowers, and hormones in the air, it's hard not to get into the holiday spirit, so no matter what you're marketing, you've got a captive audience – an audience that's waiting to be offered...

All the Important Data: A Review of Online Purchasing in 2015

4 February, 2016 / / E-mail Marketing
As compared to previous years, the digital commerce revolution continues to change the buying habits of consumers, who have discovered the many advantages that come with purchasing products on the web.

ActiveTrail or MailChimp?

17 January, 2016 / / E-mail Marketing
Startups, E-Commerce sellers, from small to large businesses who are looking for flexible mailing packages, marketers working in foreign languages and companies looking for a one stop-shop: ActiveTrail is the software you are looking for.

8 Ways To Boost Your E-Commerce Sales

4 January, 2016 / / E-mail Marketing
How do you convince customers who made an online purchase on your website to come back for more? Here are the Best 8 ways to preserve E-Commerce Customers

Get your E-commerce Store Ready for Christmas!

30 November, 2015 / / E-mail Marketing
Chrismakkah is the largest shopping season throuhghout the world and shopping is done online! We have great tips for you on how to prepare your website to the winter shopping time !

From Facebook to Newsletters: Using Inter-channel Marketing Strategies to Maximize your Results

19 November, 2015 / / E-mail Marketing
Newsletter or Facebook? Social network or personal email? Learn how to combine these two tools in order to maximize your campaign results.
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