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Let the data help you: Everything you need to know about the reports waiting for you in the ActiveTrail platform

31 July, 2016 / / How To
In today's market there are more and more database indexing systems and analytical information about marketing activities that let you get up-to-date information about your efforts so you can improve them.

Want more info about your users? Here’s how to ask for it

23 June, 2016 / / How To
Personalized campaigns give the customer a different feeling and strengthen the bond between them and your brand. For that you need their cooperation - so how can we get our users to give us information?

Inspirations – for building excellent automations in the ActiveTrail platform

21 June, 2016 / / How To
Inspirations for building excellent automations in the ActiveTrail platform

The Comprehensive Guide to ActiveTrail’s Automation System

13 June, 2016 / / How To
An automation system is a system for building automatic marketing funnels, known as “automation journeys” – for your leads and customers. Get acquainted with ActiveTrail's new and amazing automation system

Get in Formation: the format for writing an excellent post

25 April, 2016 / / How To
In the following post, we'll give you the winning format for writing a great post for your blog. Once you have the right format, the rest is up to you.

How not to be a spammer – 10 things you should do so your emails don’t end up in spam

24 March, 2016 / / How To
ActiveTrail on its part does everything to maximize the deliverability rate of your emails and to keep your emails from arriving to your recipients' spam boxes, however there are also a few things you need to do.

A/B Testing: The tool you can’t do without in creating your campaign

9 March, 2016 / / How To
Every campaign manager and every content manager uses the features that suit them and that they're used to working with. Whether you're used to working a lot with the important reports that analyze your campaigns or whether you...

How to make your call-to-action irresistible

28 January, 2016 / / How To
Call-to-Action is one of the main elements in the design and publication of landing pages and email marketing. It has to be tempting, inviting, and clear, otherwise it just won't work.

Increase Your Sales: 5 Professional Tips for Your Online Store

21 January, 2016 / / How To
Times are changing, and more businesses are turning to the web, opening online stores in order to sell their products. Learn how to upgrade your online store with 5 tips from a Pro

Use Our Survey System to Learn What Your Customers Think of You

21 December, 2015 / / How To
As business owners, it’s important that we know what our customers think about our products and services. Customer feedback helps us understand where are our weak points, so we can try to improve them.
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