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An anonymous email address: Why do I need it and how do I create one?

14 August, 2016 / / Newsletter Tool
Email marketing is a great marketing tool, but sadly, there are websites and platforms that misuse it, not only bothering users and contacts, but also giving email marketing a bad name.

How Do You Segment Contacts? Here’s how to email your contacts exactly what suits them

11 July, 2016 / / Newsletter Tool
ActiveTrail's email marketing platform, especially our automation system, allows you to send email and SMS campaigns according to your contacts' groups and preferences, in short – by segmentation.

How smart segmentation can help you become an effective email marketer (and boost sales)

25 May, 2016 / / Newsletter Tool
Personalized marketing, suited to the users' preferences, will let you reach each and every one of your customers in a way that's relevant and appropriate for him or her, adapted to his or her unique characteristics. Personal marketing...

What’s your trigger? 12 triggers worth pressing

17 April, 2016 / / Newsletter Tool
Each of us has a trigger, a kind of soft spot that can be pressed. Just figure out what your customers' triggers are and how to use them effectively, and your work is done.

Time to say goodbye? All the ways to deal with inactive recipients

7 April, 2016 / / Newsletter Tool
Splitting up is tough and not everyone likes making that move, but sometimes it's preferable and worthwhile! Not sure that's what you should do with your inactive recipients? Read on and decide.

Spice up your e-mail: How to season your emails with hot emailing techniques

4 April, 2016 / / Newsletter Tool
Do you feel like your emails are starting to repeat themselves? Are you beginning to bore yourself? It's time to spice up your emails!

How to e-mail effectively: 15 tragic emailing mistakes that derail your newsletters!

3 March, 2016 / / Newsletter Tool
Email marketing experts know that doing effective email marketing is a challenging undertaking. Your emailing strategy must be planned and calculated well, just like every other aspect of your marketing. To create a good emailing strategy and...

How do you create a successful invitation to an event using email marketing?

25 February, 2016 / / Newsletter Tool
Besides closing the date with the venue of your dreams, bringing in excellent speakers, sponsors, designers who will present their clothes, celebs who will wear your jewelry, or waiters who will serve your food (according to the context, of...

How to Improve Your Sign Up Forms and Gain More Subscribers in Three Simple Steps

27 December, 2015 / / Newsletter Tool
When discussing optimization of email sign up forms, we tend to forget about the most basic and crucial element – the words that we use. Learn how to improve your sign up form with three simple changes.

How Do I Choose My Newsletter Subject Line?

25 October, 2015 / / Newsletter Tool
Suffering from low open rates? Try sprucing up your titles.
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