A/B split reports


When is the best time to send out a newsletter, during the week or the weekend? Which of these two subject lines will get the job done better? Will adding the word “Sale” get more recipients to open the email or less?

To answer these questions, and many more – here at ActiveTrail we created an advanced A/B split reports system.

Using the A/B system you can create two variations of the same campaign and quickly find out which works better. The system collects data about the efficiency of each version and automatically selects the version that provides the best results.

AB split reports

The A/B report includes:

·         Number of campaign recipients.

·         Number and percentage of unsubscribes.

·         Errors – how many emails were not received by the intended recipient.

·         Number and percentage of opened and unopened emails.

·         CTO (Click to Open) – number of clicks.

·         Spam complaints regarding your campaign.

Not sure about a certain aspect of your campaign? There’s no need to guess, just create two different versions and the A/B system does the rest for you.

Join ActiveTrail and try the A/B system out for yourself.

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