Advanced reporting tools


Get Real-Time Reports in no time.

Use ActiveTrail’s advanced email marketing reporting system to get all the information you can about your internet marketing solutions.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaign, you must follow up on the campaigns and newsletters you send out. ActiveTrail’s email marketing reporting tools gather all the relevant data about your campaign and displays’ the information using easy to understand charts and statistics.

Advanced reporting tools

Why are email marketing reporting tools so important?

Many times we find that our clients see our emails differently than we do. We choose the design we believe will be best at catching the customer’s attention. We than double and triple check the content of the campaign to make sure everything is exactly as we want.However, no matter how hard we work on our email campaigns, sometimes they just don’t get the job done.

In order to improve, we have to be able to analyze our success rates with extreme precision and efficiency. Advanced email marketing reporting allows us to determine the success rate of our campaign, and better yet, compare different campaigns and their effectiveness levels.

ActiveTrail’s reports contain everything you need to know:

• How many newsletters were sent and the error rate while sending.

• Number and percentage of emails opened (opening rate).

• Clicking percentage on any of the links the email contains (CTR – Click through Rate).

• Percentage of unsubscribes.

• Number of complaints of any kind about the email campaign or newsletter.

All of this data is gathered into a single, easy to read and understandable report, which is available from our email marketing platform.

But analyzing a single campaign is only the tip of the iceberg. ActiveTrail’s email marketing reporting tools also allow you to compare the success rates of different campaigns and conveniently place them on a timeline to graphically show you where you need to improve.

Want to compare the statistics of your current campaign to the one you sent out two months ago? With a simple click of the mouse you can have all the data in front of you and easily find which campaign got you more new users, which one had more unsubscribes and which one better motivated your clients to follow the links in the emails. It’s as easy as it sounds and yet remarkably important.

Want to go into more detail? Use ActiveTrail’s reporting tools to examine each user individually!

Each user is unique and reacts differently to changes in your email marketing approach. Type in an email address to get a specific client’s data and see how that particular client reacted to your campaign over any period of time. Compare the amount of clicks in this campaign to the previous one to find which one of them had the desired effect on this client. Use this information to predict what the average client will do or to provide more focused campaigns in the future, which target different groups of clients.

Here at ActiveTrail, we guarantee you’ll get the best system available on the market.

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