Opt-in email lists


Give your customers the feeling that they chose to join your mailing list – let them confirm their subscription.

The Opt-in feature allows you to create an excellent recipients list, which consists only of recipients who are interested in your newsletters and therefore has very low unsubscribe rates.

ActiveTrail’s user friendly system allows you to easily create email recipient lists which are automatically filtered by the opt-in feature. All you have to do is select the option that will add an opt-in checkbox to your sign-up form, requesting recipients to confirm their registration.


Creating an Opt-in email list

When designing your sign up form in ActiveTrail’s system, you’ll have the option to add a check box marked “I confirm the registration”.

When creating your form, click on “Edit Fields” under the tag “Edit Element”. In the pop-up box you can choose the opt-in option along with the size and color of the displayed text.

When a new recipient checks the checkbox, he’ll automatically be added to your mailing list.

Double Opt-in mailing lists

If you want to make sure that the email address provided by your new recipient isn’t a fraud address, in order to increase the efficiency of your campaign, use the double opt-in email marketing feature.

Double Opt-in requests that your new recipients further verify themselves by responding to a verification email that is automatically sent to their inboxes.

Once the recipients confirm their email, by clicking on a link in the verification email, they are automatically added to your mailing list. ActiveTrail’s system even allows you to choose which recipients will receive double opt-in emails: new recipients, old recipients, or all recipients.

To create a double opt-in registration form, click on “Form Settings” when creating a new sign-up form, and then choose “Double opt-in”.

Opt-in email marketing

Design the text as you wish using ActiveTrail’s design tools but remember: an automatically sent email should look professional by being short and by sending a clear message rather than by focusing on an eye catching design.

When a user clicks on the verification button, a new window will open displaying the text: “You have successfully verified your subscription”.

With ActiveTrail you can always know that all your recipients are interested in receiving your emails.

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