SMS sending software


Want to inform your customers about a new campaign?

Want to tell them what’s new in your business?

Want to get real-time updates on the status of your servers?

Then SMS sender is what you need!

sms marketing software

Active SMS is ActiveTrail’s SMS marketing software and once you try it you won’t be able to ever stop using it. The system is very easy to use and can be accessed either through your ActiveTrail account or via API right from your own organization’s system. Sending an SMS online is as easy as sending out an email and it conveys your message loud and clear to all of your clients.

SMS sender systems have become an integrated component of every business’s marketing strategy. Sending an SMS online allows you to nurture the connection with your clients, let all your clients know about new promotions, run targeted emil marketing campaigns and entice your clients with sales them to provide some encouraging information. Using SMS marketing software within an organization can also have great operational value. Increase the efficiency of your business by improving the inter-organization communication and send SMS online to improve the coordination with your suppliers.

ActiveTrail’s SMS system is the leading system in the market. The system serves many businesses and organizations and coupled with ActiveTrail’s email marketing system is considered the best online email marketing solution available.

If you aren’t convinced yet just let the numbers speak for themselves:

  • Over 90% of SMS messages sent are opened within 3 minutes!
  • Campaigns that include SMS are 325% more effective!
  • 34% of clients that receive an SMS will visit the company’s website.
  • 33% of clients will even come visit a physical store!

The two main features that make SMS software systems so appealing are their simplicity and immediacy.

Simplicity means that with a click of the mouse you can launch a new SMS campaign and have thousands of your clients reading your text within minutes. The low prices of SMS campaigns compared to other marketing options makes sending SMS online a top choice for advertisers looking for a simple and cheap method of getting a message out to the world.

Don’t believe it? Check out the prices for yourself!          

Price List

Immediacy is finding out that you have an event happening today or a sale that you want your clients to know about that will no longer be relevant tomorrow and still managing to get the message out to your clients in time. Just type in your message to the SMS system and within 3 minutes 90% of your recipients will have read your message! No other marketing solution can compete with the speed with which SMS messages are read by your clients. The average person has his mobile with him at least 23 hours a day and will read your message the moment it arrives!

Using the ActiveTrail software couldn’t be easier:

Using the SMS sender of ActiveTrail

Open an account and start texting!

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