Automatic email sender – making the system work for you

Why not let your email marketing management system do all the work for you, emailing your customers upon set conditions, while you sit back and relax? An automated email sender takes the effort out of marketing while offering your customers a personalized experience. Here are some ways that you can use ActiveTrail’s automatic email sender to streamline your email marketing.

Automated email sender

Send birthday or anniversary emails

A simple example of using your customer data to its full advantage is sending out personalized, automated emails based on the client’s date of birth. ActiveTrail provides gorgeous birthday and anniversary email templates out of the box to really make your readers feel that you’ve gone the extra mile for them.

But don’t stop there – birthdays and anniversaries are a perfect chance to sell some products! Knowing that someone’s birthday is coming up, send them (or even better, their better half) a special offer a month before the event. This highly personalized form of marketing returns great results.


One of ActiveTrail’s most powerful features is the use of autoresponders. Essentially, emails can be set to be sent out at any specific date and time, or upon any event performed by the user. Where this takes you and your campaign – well, the sky is the limit.

Some examples:

–  Set the auto email sender to generate an email thanking a user for signing up for your newsletter.

–  Automatically send out tips on how to use your product or service a week after they make a purchase.

–  Send a reminder for an upcoming event that they’ve signed up for, a few weeks before it occurs.

–  Send a reminder of the many features of your website a few months after a user becomes dormant.

Active Triggers

Rounding this set of tools up is the ability to set an active trigger. An active trigger is an event listener that sets the system to perform a particular task upon user interaction, usually in the form of clicking a link. Clicking links is a common part of any web application and email marketing campaign, so you can use active triggers to keep an eye on users and filter them into different lists based on their actions. For example, those clicking on a link for a sale could be flagged as interested in bargain-hunting. Those who click through on social media links could be flagged as being active on social media.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. With these tools in hand, ActiveTrail’s email marketing platform can perform much of your email marketing for you, without you needing to lift a finger.

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