July 2017 System Updates

As freaks of innovation, we are always thinking about how we can help you improve your marketing program, to make it more efficient, more economical and more effective.
So… the time has come to fill you in again as to the latest innovations, developments, and updates from ActiveTrail.

Admit it – you missed us! 🙂

Try new things

The novelties we would like to tell you about include: the launch of our new site and mobile applications, an upgrade of our SMS campaign system (mailing list management, unsubscribe page, adding a personalized message, and automatic message sending), a new type of report called “Subscribers Activity Report”, automation reports with live updates and more.

Without further introduction, here are ActiveTrail’s updates for the month of July:

1. ActiveTrail’s new website is live!

Hooray! We have launched our new website! The site was meticulously developed and constructed, giving much thought to you, and what could most faithfully serve your needs.  We hope that you will find all of the information, tips and support you seek, and that you will enjoy browsing the site.

new website

We welcome your feedback – if you have something you wish to share with us, please don’t hesitate to call us at +1 (929) 214-1037 or contact us via the site.

2. ActiveTrail’s mobile application

** WARNING – Risk of Addiction! **

We have introduced a new mobile application that lets you connect to ActiveTrail’s leading edge system directly from your mobile phone and track your campaigns, in real time, from any location, at any time:

  • How many newsletters were sent
  • Number of sending errors
  • Opening rates
  • Removal (unsubscribe) rates
  • Complaint rates and more…

אפליקציית מובייל

Our mobile app is already available for free download from the app stores, Google Play and App Store.

Additional reading: ActiveTrail’s Mobile Application

3. Improvement to the SMS campaign system

Contact management and text message personalization:

If, in the past, you had to manually add numbers (“cut and paste”) every time you created an SMS campaign… well, we have great news for you! Now, you can simply load your contacts file, and it will be saved in the system for reuse, allowing you to create and manage contact groups, to add a personal message to improve conversions, to receive detailed reports and to merge duplicate contact fields.

Adding a personal touch to the SMS system:

You have a wide range of options, including:

sms personalization


Tip: Try and make sure that the “Mobile” field in you contact list is kept up to date (as opposed to “Cellular” or “Phone number”, as was customary in the past), so that you can benefit from our contact list management features and our advanced reporting tool.

From now on, keep all of you data in one, accessible and informative location!

*  Removal

We have added a page dedicated to contacts who cancel their registration via SMS:

הסרה מרשימת תפוצה סמס

* SMS Automation
Using our automation system to combine SMS and email campaigns, can significantly increase the chances that your mailing will be read by customers, such that if you have a mailing list that includes both mobile phone numbers and email addresses – not even the sky is the limit!

You can create different automation scenarios that blend text message campaigns, newsletters, autoresponders, sales people alerts and much, much more.

sms automation

Additional information:  It’s Time to Start Using SMS Marketing Software

4. Subscribers Activity Report

We have added a new report named “Subscribers Activity Report”

This report provides you with a snapshot of the status of new subscribers vis-à-vis those who removed themselves, which is indicative of directions/trends.

Within the ActiveTrail system go to “Reports” >> “Subscribers Activity Report”:

Subscribers activity report

The report can be viewed as a table or as a graph, as is your preference:

Subscribers activity report- graph

5. Automation Reports with Live Updates

Beginning today, you can view reports that update in real-time regarding data from the automation flows that you have created.

All that you need to do is to click on “Automation List”, and for each automation, you have created, you will see a “Reports” button.

Automation report

Clicking on the button will display the following detailed report:

Automation detailed report

That’s it!  Now you can keep yourself appraised of subscribers that go through your automation paths, at any given moment and as frequently as you wish.

6. Updates to the DMARC Standard

While this is not an update to our system, it is important to us to keep you in the loop regarding developments in the email marketing sector.

Google announced a change to its security policies to help stamp out SPAM and Fishing, such that any email that is not properly approved by the technologies they have deployed, will be blocked and won’t arrive at its destination.

Google’s aim is to introduce new standards into the industry in order to reduce online crime rates, to prevent fraudulent emails from reaching their destinations, to provide an additional layer of security (in addition to DKIM, DomainKeys and SPF settings) and to give advantages to those who do meet all of the standards, ensuring that their mailings will arrive at their destination inboxes.

What does all of this mean?  That every email sent by a 3rd party (an email marketing system, for instance), and whose “From” line contains a Gmail address (e.g. myname@gmail.com), will be rejected by most email providers and the mailing will be “bounced back”.

What can be done? ActiveTrail’s system performs comprehensive tests on every advertising campaign before it is sent out, but to ensure that your emails arrive at their destinations – and don’t go to SPAM, it is highly recommended to immediately halt usage of Gmail addresses and to purchase your own domain.

** Domain The Net offers especially attractive pricing to ActiveTrail customers wishing to purchase a domain name. To take advantage of this offer, please visit the Domain the Net website. **

That’s it this time around.

Wishing you elevated opening rates and sky-high ROI.

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