ActiveTrail invites you to join in our success by means of our special, commission-based affiliate marketing program.

Just follow these 3 easy steps:

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  • 3. Start marketing ActiveTrail

Need more reasons to join our affiliate program?

Customers love us! Let our brand work for you. With over 10 years experience, a reputation as a global leader in email marketing and a client base second to none…

Regular payments: earn recurring commissions of 15%

No Commitment, no small print. Affiliates who send us clients receive commission…no ifs, ands or buts.

Updates, statistics and real time tracking. Track your sign-ups, sales, commissions and payments.

Dedicated service. Our support team is eager to assist you.


Advantages of the ActiveTrail affiliate program

At ActiveTrail, we believe that the best sales person we can recruit is a satisfied customer! We think it makes perfect sense that you would recommend a product that you believe in and that works for you… correct? We also believe that if someone chooses to recommend us, they should be properly compensated for it.

Who is the ideal affiliate?

Generally speaking, anybody. The Affiliate Program is especially suitable for those already involved in internet marketing and development, including marketing consultants, trendsetters, web designers, software developers, webmasters, internet entrepreneurs, service providers, business owners, current customers and everyone else who would like to earn something on the side.

How does it work?

The Affiliate Program allows you to recommend the ActiveTrail system and earn commission for each new customer that signs up as a result of your recommendations. Each affiliate receives his or her own unique link (this is the mechanism that allows new clients to signup and for you to earn the associated commission). In addition, a wide range of marketing material is placed at your disposal.


  • Lupa

    Yoram Rosenbaum | Co-CEO, Lupa

    I would like to commend the capacity you have to give attention to everything, including the smallest details.  The user interface is intuitive and the emails we send out look great.  I would also like to applaud ActiveTrail's excellent support team, that, for the past few years, has been providing us with the most professional, trustworthy and dependable service in the industry.  Email delivery is, today, one of our central and most complex marketing channels, which is why we require a wide feature set and full integration of the system with our own systems and reports, a connection to our social media channels and optimal deliverability rates.  We get all this from the ActiveTrail platform.
  • Perion

    Yakir Shohat | Product Manager, Perion

    Without doubt, ActiveTrail has set new standards in the field of email marketing.  It is the most straight-forward, simplest and most professional email service we have encountered.  In our ever changing business we look for certain things in an email app: a user friendly management interface; good, detailed reporting, allowing us to learn from and to improve our email campaigns; and  an available and helpful support team.  ActiveTrail meets these needs and much more!
  • img

    Ran Eyal | Head of Media and Marketing, Babylon

    It is the most straight-forward, simplest and most professional email service we have come upon.  In a dynamic business such as ours, there are a number of things that are important to me: that the application's management interface be easy to use; that the tracking reports provide as much detail as possible, thus allowing us to learn from and to improve our email campaigns; and that we have access to professional and friendly service.  ActiveTrail met all of these needs and in a big way.  The best part of all of it is that the ActiveTrail system knows how to adapt all of the emails that we send to mobile device displays, such that whomever opens our emails on their iPhone or smartphone, is provided with an optimal reading experience.
  • mobli

    Yarden Leshem | Head of Community Management, Mobili

    Mobili has millions of email subscribers across the planet.  Consequently, when we made the decision to work with an email marketing service provider, it was paramount for us to find a company that met certain requirements: proven and successful experience with large, international brands possessing a wide body of users; easy and uncomplicated integration with our internal management systems; optimal deliverability rates to ensure our communications were promptly received by our millions of subscribers; and professional, reliable and patient service.  ActiveTrail answers all of the above in the best way possible.
  • mako

    Zohar Alon | VP Technologies, MAKO

    As a leading content provider, Mako publishes the most relevant, interesting and current news and information.  It was clear to us from the outset, that the dependability of the email marketing system we select and its capacity for precise and timely email delivery would be critical to our success.  Having worked closely with ActiveTrail for a number of years now, I can say, most certainly, that ActiveTrail is the right partner for the task.
  • bizportal

    Ofir Shtoyer | Bizportal CEO

    Bizportal, Israel's leading website covering the stock market and one of the country's top 4 sites for economics, is first and foremost a news organization, providing investors in the capital markets the most up-to-date stock market and real estate news.  Our customers expect us to deliver the information they need at any time and any place.  It is for this reason that our choice of an email newsletter system was a significant decision for us.  We sought out a system that could interface with our own content systems, would be capable of timely and accurate information delivery and we also desired a team of professionals to help and guide us and be there for us when needed.  In ActiveTrail, we found all this and more.
  • ynet

    Eran Hochman | VP Marketing, YNET

    It's been a few years now that ActiveTrail support team has provided us with remarkable service.  As the largest news site in Israel, we have a varied, continually changing set of needs, beginning with marketing campaigns, complex content integration and the need for advanced operational and analysis tools.  As such, it is of utmost importance to us to work with professionals.  This is exactly what we get from ActiveTrail and that makes all the difference.
  • daka90

    Ran Enoch | VP Online, Daka 90

    Email campaigns are very serious business at Daka90. Our ability to generate sales, to maintain ongoing relationships with our clients and to be effective at what we do, are central, top priorities.  ActiveTrail allows us to receive information and to understand our customers – what they like, what they want and even to get their feedback in real time.  This information is powerful, and this power is worth money to the company.
  • MedisPec

    Karin Tamir | Head of Marketing, MedisPec

    I just wanted to say that the system is terrific, easy to operate and very comfortable to work with. It was so simple.  Within about 20 minutes we had a lovely newsletter, ready to go.  Incredible!   This is a perfect opportunity to say thank you.
  • Crocs

    Elad Kessler | Internet Activities Manager, Crocs

    Personally, the most important elements of an email marketing system are simplicity and ease-of-use, combined with the ability to reach a maximum number of relevant customers.  For this reason, I chose to work with ActiveTrail's email marketing system.  Using the user friendly Campaign Editor, we can easily create high quality newsletters and have them delivered on short order to our thousands of clients.