Simple, Quick, Effective

Build gorgeous pop-ups or signup forms to reach your online visitors when it matters most. Using the right pop up you can get them more engaged, give them special offers and most importantly: build a relationship between them and your brand

Use Activetrail's New Pop-ups to Maximize Your Marketing Efforts

popup and forms
Grow Your Mailing List
Get visitors to join your mailing
list & become loyal customers
but popups
Increase Sales
Welcome your crowd with
special offers they can’t refuse
popup software
Direct Visitors
Get them to visit a specific
page with a click of a button
form and popup awareness
Keep Them Informed
Let your clientele in on the
latest news and updates
form popups

Create gorgeous pop-ups and
signup forms, in no time

No designer? No problem! With our simple Drag N’ Drop editor you can choose a predesigned template, or build your own pop up or signup form in no-time. Just pick your style, choose the timing and… Voila! You’re all set

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Engage your audience when
(and where) it matters most

Once you’re done building your signup form or pop-up, you can choose when it’ll pop-up to visitors and how. So go ahead and give them tips when needed, offer them a special discount right when they are trying to decide whether or not to make a purchase, or simply suggest to keep in touch via your mailing list

mobile popup

Don’t worry; it’ll look perfect
in mobile phones

We know that just like us – your users are glued to their phones. That’s why we made sure your pop-ups and signup forms would look just as good on mobile

All You Have to Do Is Place Your Pop-up

exit popup
Signup Pop-Up
Call to Action Pop-Up
Embedded Signup Form

Ready to Start?

Since email is considered the most effective digital marketing channel for awareness and conversion, using the email signup form tools alongside relevant pop-ups frequently will lead to a rock-solid email list and will boost your businesses open rate, click through rate and conversion rate. ActiveTrail offers you an advanced tool to create online signup forms and pop-ups, a wide array of ready-to-use predesigned templates, a friendly editor and many other cool features such as animation and pop-up forms. With ActiveTrail’s email signup form and pop-ups tool, you can view all signup forms and pop-ups created, the date they were created, the number of subscriptions from each one, and their status. You can also embed the online signup forms into your website and work alongside ActiveTrail’s advanced automated marketing services. After picking or designing your own signup form or pop-up, you can set the time for it to be visible, like many other timing features on ActiveTrail’s marketing automation software. Another great way to use ActiveTrail’s email signup forms and pop-ups is creating dynamic groups with specific features. You can also have the system notify you by email every time a new recipient is added to your dynamic group. ActiveTrail does not only offer amazing online signup forms and popups, with ActiveTrail’s cloud-based email marketing automation software you can create professional emails and newsletters in minutes and deliver them safely to as many subscribers as you want. You can create personalized intricate campaigns that will increase your conversion and promote your business. ActiveTrail also offers seamless integration to thousands of apps to ease your marketing efforts and allows you to use the platform as a one-stop-shop for all your marketing needs.