Turn Opportunities - To Profit!

ActiveTrail easily integrates with the most popular E-commerce platforms, including:

Use Our Automations to Turn Visitors into Paying Customers, And Casual Clients - to Regulars

Our advanced tools will help you build a consistent relationship with your customers and sell more by offering them products and content they are interested in

Sell More, Automatically
Boost revenues with minimum work: create personalized customer journeys with clients touch-base points, using our marketing automations system. Send them a welcome email, post-purchase emails regarding other products they might like, and emails with different incentives to keep ‘em coming back to your online store.
Recover Abandoned Carts
We know you’re tired of seeing abandoned carts, so we came up with the perfect cure: an email marketing automation designed to encourage them to get back to your store and actualize that purchase.
Wake Up Dormant Customers
Do you remember those previous customers who visited your online store, made a purchase or two, and then just… vanished? Time to get them re-engaged with your brand! Use ActiveCommerce to send out an automatic Email to wake up your dormant customers and lure them back into your store, all the way up to their re-purchase.
Score Every Time
E-commerce Marketing is a delicate craft, but with ActiveCommerce 2.0 - you no longer have to guess what your customers like. Simply use our “related items” marketing automation and send your clientele related products they might like. After all, it’s all about personalization.
Maximize Every Sale
Did you know that follow-up purchase emails have mind-boggling open rates that average over 70%? Or as we like to call it: the perfect revenue maximization opportunity! Using ActiveCommerce, you’ll be able to send out an automated follow-up purchase email to every single paying customer and take that upsell opportunity to the max!

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    Use ActiveCommerce to Turn Every Purchase -

    Into a Relationship

    Welcome first-time buyers
    Greet your new online store visitors with a warm, friendly welcome email
    Send targeted content
    Interest your customers with added value offers that match their needs and desires
    Stay In Touch
    Create brand awareness and engagement with relevant, personalized content
    Delight your customers
    Send personalized emails on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries
    • Perion

      Yakir Shohat | Product Manager, Perion

      Without doubt, ActiveTrail has set new standards in the field of email marketing. It is the most straight-forward, simplest and most professional email service we have encountered. In our ever changing business we look for certain things in an email app: a user friendly management interface; good, detailed reporting, allowing us to learn from and to improve our email campaigns; and an available and helpful support team. ActiveTrail meets these needs and much more!
    Make Your Ecommerce Emails Shine!
    Extend your customers’ shopping experience all the way into their inboxes; choose from a wide-range of professionally designed templates, or design your own, and give your emails the same unique look and feel as your online store.
    Measure Your Performance

    to Maximize Your Sales!
    Are you tuned in to the hum of your ecommerce business?
    Perform A/B testing to determine which designs really move your customers, leading them to open, click, and buy.
    Glance at charts depicting open, click, and conversion rates, and get a close look at the detailed reports delivered to your inbox.
    Use valuable data to find out which price points and CTAs generate the most conversions among your customers.
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