Startups that meet ActiveTrail’s startup program criteria can take advantage of our entire platform completely free of charge.

We, at ActiveTrail understand entrepreneurship and the need for new startups to save money wherever possible. We also understand the importance of good communication with your users from your acquisition funnel to your retention efforts, all the way to your product feedback.

We can provide you with all the tools you need to communicate professionally: emails, signup forms, landing pages, surveys, and more – up to 5K contact and 50K email sending free of charge for six months! 

In order to qualify for the Startup Booster Program you must be:

1. A new user with ActiveTrail (One that does not have an existing or previous account).

2. A technology or internet company that is less than one year old, with less than 15 staff members.

3. Funding of up to a million dollars maximum ($1,000,000), if you have funded at all.

Submit your application now to check your eligibility!

    Are you a Technology Accelerator?

    If you are a technology accelerator and would like to join ActiveTrail’s special accelerators program please contact us.