Create personalized customer journeys

Use smart scenarios and funnels to maximize your campaign results, improve conversion rates, strengthen your relationships with your customers, and automatically drive revenue

online survey software automation

Our visual automations builder is simple enough for anyone to get started in a matter of minutes, but powerful enough to handle a seasoned marketer’s sophisticated needs. The interface visualizes the logic behind any sequence of emails or SMS marketing events. Just drag-and-drop building blocks onto the workflow canvas.

autoresponder software

Make your email campaigns more effective with our autoresponders. They allow you to configure your emails and SMS, such that they react to your users’ behavior and triggers.

marketing automation triggers

Active Triggers

Time your emails with uncanny precision! Set triggers in your automation flow such that users receive specific messages based on their behavior.


Boost your email marketing efficiency by partitioning your recipient lists into groups that update automatically.

marketing automation pixel

Implement ActiveTrail’s smart code on your website and/or landing pages, to track user behavior, and to activate, in real time, automatic delivery of emails to site visitors that match the actions they took on the pages they visited.


Cross-channel marketing

Leverage real-time behavior data to deliver individualized experiences across marketing channels.

ActiveTrail’s email marketing automation system let’s you automate many of your daily email marketing tasks. Whether it be emails, SMS or surveys, use our marketing automation software to maximize your results and improve customer relationships! Segment your mailing list in to groups to automatically update them using filters and dynamic groups. Leverage your customers’ behavior on your website and landing pages by implementing an ActiveTrail Smart Pixel that triggers responses to user behaviors or events, for a personalized customer experience. Make use of ActiveTrail’s email marketing automation software to automatically send out emails and / or SMS messages, based on customer journeys. Create marketing funnels in our Visual Autoresponder graphic editor, that visually displays your scenarios on a clean “canvas”.