"Now" is the name of the game

Sending SMS online is as easy as sending out an email and it instantly conveys your message loud and clear to all of your clients

SMS Marketing Software campaign

Send SMS campaigns directly from your PC

Using our SMS marketing software, you can, with a single click of a button, from the comfort of your personal computer, let a wide and diverse group of subscribers know of a new sale or of an event happening at this very moment, and know that at least 90% of recipients will read your message, instantly.

SMS Marketing Software Contact List

Easy contact list management

Easily manage your mailing lists. ActiveTrail’s management interface allows you to readily add new contacts and organizations to your mailing groups. The interface also affords quick contact search, editing, deletions and more.

Automate your surveys

Automatic SMS campaigns

Using ActiveTrail’s automation system, create a new SMS marketing campaign or combine SMS messaging into an email campaign to best fit your customer funnel.


Immediate delivery & exceedingly high open rates

SMS services, that allow you to send messages directly to your customers’ mobile phones, have proven to be the most effective means for sending messages in real time. Over 90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes of reaching a recipient’s phone.

סנכרון בין שדות נמענים סמס

Import a number to your contact info

Synchronize between various mailing lists within ActiveTrail and add a mobile number to the contact person column.


Define sender ID

Define your company or brand name as the sender of the SMS messages, such that it will appear on your subscriber’s mobile device screen the moment the message is delivered.