online survey software design

Anyone can design a survey

Simple enough for occasional users, yet powerful and flexible enough for market researchers, pollsters, and other survey professionals.

online survey software menu

Online Surveys menu

Create surveys with a variety of question types and send them to your subscribers. ActiveTrail displays data regarding who opened the survey, which questions were answered, and, of course, the answers themselves, providing important insights about your audience.

online survey software by email or sms

Survey by email or by SMS

Poll survey participants through a number of channels! Once you finish customizing your survey, use our messaging system to send your survey by email or via text message.

online survey software promter

Net Promoter Score

A simple, but important, management tool that helps you understand and track customer satisfaction – A single, pre-formatted question that helps measure loyalty and the extent of your customers’ satisfaction with your business, products or services.

online survey software automation

Automate your surveys

Tailor you customer journeys by Incorporating surveys, sent by email or SMS, into your automation flows.

Strengthen your bond with your customers with ActiveTrail’s online survey software. Get to know your audience better by creating and posting surveys on the Internet using our online survey software. You can use this knowledge to improve your product or service. Use the online survey software to send consumer opinion surveys or in-depth market surveys, as best fits your needs. You can also send out the Net Promoter Score question to measure customer loyalty towards your business or products / services. With ActiveTrail’s online survey software you can format your surveys to match your logo, choose from a large list of questions, send out your surveys via email or text messages and include them in automations!