Not a designer? Not a problem!

With our simple drag-‘n-drop landing page creator, you can collect emails from prospects, direct traffic to your website, promote products and services, and drive more actions.
You can also use landing pages in other marketing channels – Google ads, Facebook, banners…


Choose a template

Dozens of professionally designed, responsive landing page templates to choose from, to match the likings of your audience.


Design Your Page

Use our user-friendly editor to adjust your page’s settings, fonts, colors, and images, without needing any design or coding experience.


Click to publish

Select a URL and begin collecting email addresses, driving traffic to your website, promoting products and services, and furthering customer engagement.

landing page software mobile

Mobile Responsiveness

ActiveTrail’s landing pages can be viewed on devices and screens of any size. They look great on both mobile phones and tablets, facilitating lead collection no matter what device your users are using.

landing page software templates

Never written a line of code? No problem! ActiveTrail’s Landing Page creator is super easy and friendly. Simply drag-and-drop components to build professionally looking pages within minutes.

landing page software own domain

Use your own domains

You can use your own domain with your landing pages, without having to worry about hosting them on your own servers.

landing page software signup forms

Our advanced system gives you the means to dramatically grow your mailing list by creating and integrating responsive, dynamic, easily designed sign-up forms into your landing pages.

landing page software paypal

Integrate with PayPal, for quick, convenient payment, directly from an email campaign or a landing page, without going through your online shop!

landing page creator facebook integration

With ActiveTrail’s integration with Facebook Lead Ads, you can email new subscribers that just registered via your Facebook sign-up form! Our system extracts registrant data from the Lead Ads and automatically imports this data directly into your ActiveTrail account.

With ActiveTrail’s landing page creator, you can expand your mailing list and site traffic, promote products and services, motivate your customers to action and generate more leads for your business. Login to our landing page builder to construct professional, converting and mobile responsive landing pages, without needing a graphic designer or programmer! Simply select a template from the dozens of templates available in our landing page software, edit the page’s sizes, fonts and more, in our intuitive editor, and publish your landing page in a click. Use the landing pages created with our landing page creator in an array of different channels, such as Facebook Lead Ads, Google, media channels, marketing campaigns and more. ActiveTrail’s landing page creator also boasts a quick integration with PayPal, to create “Buy Now” buttons that don’t require going through your store.