Active Personalization


Give your readers the feeling that every newsletter was written especially for them, with ActiveTrail’s active personalization capabilities.

Active personalization allows you to adjust the titles, content, and even the images in your emails to each client or recipient group. There’s no need for a developer or programmer, anyone can add automatic personalizations to a marketing campaign.

Make it personal

Incorporate the recipient’s name, address, city, phone number or any other personal detail right into the subject line and make him feel that you’re appealing to him directly. This information can be obtained using the sign-up form on your website.


The recipient’s personal information will automatically be added to the email subject line, based on the parameters you select. Add the personal appeal anywhere in the sentence (beginning, middle or end).

The same personal appeals can be made in the email’s body as well, anywhere you choose.

personalization images

Personal images

Using the personalization tool you can match different images with different recipient groups, based on criteria set by you.

Every new image you add to your newsletter will appear with an “if” box. Use this box to set an image based on different criteria: name, residence, phone number, etc. Choose any parameter you see fit, based on your needs.

a condition for personalization

For example, you can choose that each area of residence receives an image based on the geography of the region. Residents of sea-based cities will receive an image of the beach while mountain-based cities will receive mountain scenery.

All you have to do is click the “if” button and select:

– Recipient field: for example ‘City of Residence’.

– Condition: in this case “=”.

– The value that you wish to select: in this case the name of a city or region.

Once you’ve entered all the parameters and the images, the campaign will be sent with automatic personalization based on your demands.

Don’t forget: make sure the personal information actually exists in the system.

With ActiveTrail you can finally grant your readers the personal attention they deserve, with minimum effort.

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