If you really want to take advantage of all the tools that the system offers, the first thing that you should do is start using ActiveTrail’s visual autoresponder software.

Our autoresponder software is one of the most important tools that must be incorporated in any internet marketing campaign. It allows you to set ahead when your emails will go out to your clients and the emails are then sent automatically at the time and date you set, via automated email sender. But that’s not all – the greatest thing about autoresponders isn’t that you can set a time and date for every email in advance, but that you can have the system react to the actions taken by your clients, which can really give your email marketing campaign the push it needs.

Emails that react automatically to your customers actions

Create an automated email sender that sends an email to your clients on their birthdays, wishing them happy birthday and reminding them that you care about them. Set an autoresponder that sends a thank you email to any customer who makes a purchase on your website, to make sure the client is satisfied and make him want to come back to your store.

An autoresponse software can be set to be activated long after the client’s action as well, you can set one to send an email to your customer one month after he purchased a product to follow up and see if he’s still satisfied.

Autoresponders can be set to go out anytime or be activated by any action, your creativity is the only limit!

Different clients can be put on different lists which receive a different array of emails based on their actions. All you have to do is tell the autoresponder software what you want it to do and you can go back to your business; the system will make sure your clients don’t forget about you, by sending those emails and newsletters on the dates and times that you have specified in advance.

How does it work?

  • Timing – Time your emails to be sent out on a specific date and time.
  • React – design your Autoresponse software to react to different actions taken by your clients. Actions can include a click on a link in an email, a specific page opened on your website etc.
  • Adaptation – adapt your emails to fit different kinds of clients, based on their actions.
  • Greetings and Wishes – Send a personal email to your client on his birthday, or anniversary, or any other date you wish to acknowledge, using automated email sender.
  • Flexibility – The autoresponse software is very flexible and easy to use. It will fit any marketing design and will always meet your needs.

 This is how ActiveTrail’s Visual Autoresponder looks like:

Autoresponder Software

Why is no email campaign complete without autoresponder email sender?

The autoresponse software allows you to give personal, professional treatment to each and every customer without having to give it too much thought or waste all your time.

On average, customers only make their first purchase after receiving 3-4 emails. Plan a few emails ahead and have the system send them out within a few days of each other. That way, no customer can be forgotten and you can make sure the email campaign is continuous, even if you don’t have time to give it thought each and every day.

Most importantly, the auto response software does your work for you, so you can just forget about it for days and weeks and yet customers will get constant reminders that you are still there.

Once you start using auto email sender, you won’t believe you ever managed without it.

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