Introducing ActiveCommerce – the world’s most advanced remarketing tool for for E-commerce.

Sell your products online? Manage an online store? ActiveCommerce is waiting to revolutionize your online business! Easy to use, smart, and very profitable!

Increase your sales by hundreds of percent with the help of automated, targeted email campaigns.

Create automated mailings based on different parameters

  • Bring back customers that abandoned their shopping cart before making a purchase
  • Send targeted, smart coupons
  • Offer relevant, complementary products
  • Recommend additional products

ActiveCommerce interfaces with the best sales platforms in the world

  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • PrestaShop
  • And many more…

online stores

Simply, easy and quick to install

  1. Download the plugin
  2. Set-up your mailing campaigns
  3. Start selling more!

Personal, Smart, Automatic emails

With ActiveCommerce you can send your customers personal, smart and automated emails based on their visit history and purchase history in your online store.

Each mailing rekindles the connection between your store and ActiveTrail’s mailing platform.

With ActiveCommerce you can incorporate a few different parameters into your mailing plan:

Abandoned Shopping Cart

A customer began a shopping spree on your website, added a few products to his shopping cart, and then left your site without completing the purchase – he’s a lost cause, right? Wrong. With ActiveCommerce you can send him an email containing his abandoned shopping cart, reminding him that he can still complete the purchase.

Send Smart Coupons

Want to bring your customers back to your store for more shopping? You can delicately do so by sending personal coupons and attractive offers to your customer community in accordance with the amount of time that passed since their last purchase. You can designate the automated sending anywhere from one day to 6 months after their last purchase.

Cross-Sales, Up- Sales

Offer relevant products that complement your customers’ previous purchases. For example, if the system detects that a customer bought a digital camera, you can offer him a sale on memory cards. This way you’re gently pointing customers in the right direction – back to your virtual store to make another purchase!

Recommend Additional Products

Send targeted, smart and automated mailings that mesh well with your customers’ previous purchases. Our smart system knows how to recognize your customers’ behavior patterns, and subsequently offer them additional products that fit with their purchase history. For example, you can send a mailing on new toys for infants to a customer that recently purchased baby products.

Cheaper than regular advertising, and much more effective!

With ActiveCommerce’s help, you can keep your customers coming back for more and rake in additional revenue – all by sending special, personalized offers directly to your customers’ inbox at minimal cost.

Personal, Designed Advertising

ActiveTrail is the world’s most advanced email marketing platform, allowing you to send personalized mailings to each and every customer by using the information stored in your customer database. With the help of your mailing list you can send out targeted, to the point, personal mailings – offer a special sale to a customer, including his name in both the subject line and the body of the email, categorize your list according to age, sex, city of residence, and the list goes on and on.

Designed, Mobile-Responsive Emails Within Minutes

Our email editor is intuitive on one hand, and has a variety of different design options on the other hand. You can choose from our wide range of predesigned templates, or design your own professional templates to suit each individual goal, all within a few minutes. Design your mailing according to your store’s unique personality, stretching the customers’ shopping experience all the way into their inbox.


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