Double Opt-In

According to two surveys quoted at The Real-Time Report, double opt-ins lose 20 to 30 percent of your total customer base. Why then does everyone still think a double opt-in form is a good idea?

In this discussion, we’ll explain the concept of the double-opt-in form and then see how it compares to the single opt-in. More to the point, we’ll see why some businesses swear by the concept and how it helps them convert more traffic.

So read on!

Double Opt-In Form Explained

When a user signs up for a newsletter by email, that implies a single opt-in. They give the company permission to send them newsletters, deals, and special announcements at the sender’s discretion.

The double opt-in form goes one step further and insists that the customer confirm the subscription by clicking a second opt-in link. When a user clicks the link, their information gets added to the email marketing list.

This is standard practice when it comes to security and identity verification. With marketing, however, it can be risky. The same Real-Time Report survey suggested that 20 percent of users don’t even click the second link!

But you have to look at the bigger picture to see the advantages.

Reduce SPAM Lists

Double opt-in email software can filter out SPAM email addresses, not to mention low-quality leads that are almost guaranteed not to buy the product.

The same low-quality leads might actually leave you bad reviews or disparage the company’s reputation elsewhere. Double opt-in emails essentially get rid of problematic leads early on.

Qualify Your Leads

Even more importantly, double opt-in forms (with a link or any “second step” for verification) sift through neutral traffic and hold onto better-quality leads. Leads who take the time to double-confirm their interest are more likely to buy the product and stick around for future deals.

Double opt-in consent forms not only indicate a buyer’s interest to you, the seller, but they also emphasize to the customer that they want to purchase the product later on. Talk about built-in motivation!

Other Double Opt-In Advantages

Double opt-in email leads also provide an advantage by ensuring compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. GDPR rules are stringent in Europe. If your leads come from multiple countries, staying compliant is very important in avoiding penalties.

When you have a second subscription confirmation, you can also count on a higher email deliverability score. That means more actual readers, fewer emails getting lost in a SPAM blocker.


The United States has laws combating SPAM. Although there is no law requiring double opt-in, according to CAN-SPAM, all companies must offer and quickly honor opt-out requests.

Using opt-in forms may also reduce the number of opt-out requests, saving marketing companies a lot of time.

The Value of Double Opt-In Email

Granted, not every marketing scenario demands a second subscription confirmation. If you’re still concerned about slow lead growth or low conversions, single opt-in forms do have their advantages, too.

But all marketers should at least consider the option of a double opt-in form. Active Trail can help you create sign-up forms and landing pages that convert.

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