3 Best Dental Newsletter Examples

Digital marketing is essential in today’s computer-driven world. Even if you might feel that your dental practice shouldn’t be sending out emails, you might be surprised at how relevant it is. 

If you are not using patient email to circulate discounts, offers, and general news, you could be missing out on a sizeable chunk of revenue and, as all small business owners know all too well, nobody wants to be doing that.

There are a number of reasons why you may not feel like dental newsletters sent by email are a good fit for your practice. In fact, we’re willing to bet that some of the thoughts running through your head right now include:

  • Nobody wants to hear from their dental office.
  • We don’t have the budget for that
  • Our staff doesn’t have any marketing expertise
  • We’re too busy being dentists, our great work will speak for itself

While these may be partially true, you should be aware that not all email marketing automation software are expensive and will require a special staff member to fill in the position. In some cases, it doesn’t require special expertise or investing a lot of effort. True, dentistry isn’t the most attractive of topics, but we all need it regularly, and there are some great dental newsletter examples out there.


Dental Email Marketing – How to Do It Well

It’s time to stop thinking about those negative aspects of sending patient emails from your dental office, and time to look at how a great marketing strategy can work for you. Here are some great dental newsletters ideas:

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1. Use Promotions and Discounts to Pique Interest

This first example uses eye-catching design and a significant discount offer to draw in the reader’s attention. They also build trust by adding information about where you can locate a dentist if you’re on a vacation. Finally, there’s a clear call to action to tackle bad breath. Ok, none of this may be particularly glamorous, but great email marketing doesn’t need to be glamourous to generate outstanding return on investment.  

email marketing dentists example


2. Inviting Feedback Goes a Long Way towards Building Trust

Anyone who works in a dental practice will know that building trust with customers is essential. Many people are apprehensive about visiting the dentist, and a little rapport can work wonders with easing this. How to use dental email marketing to build a relationship? Easy – invite honest feedback after a check-up or treatment.

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3. Tweak Your Dental Office Newsletter Template to Showcase New Treatments

More and more dentists are moving away from solely offering traditional dentistry, and now offering additional treatments and procedures. Once you have made some progress building your list, you can use that email address to circulate information on what’s new in your dental office. Have a look at the example below for some inspiration for generating your own dental promotional ideas.

It’s not necessarily related to your dental practice, but you can clearly see how the creator of this email has used a strong color scheme and simple layout to convey their message. 

Using simple designs such as this will mean your patient emails can be viewed on a mobile device as clearly as on a desktop computer. You’re sure to know even from your own personal use just how off-putting it is to open an email that doesn’t display properly. 

Marketing automation software can take care of this for you, so it needn’t be a barrier between your small dental practice and effective email marketing.

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Top Tips for Simple yet Effective Email Marketing for Dentistry

Whether you are running a small-town dental office or a multinational corporation, the DOs and DON’Ts of effective email marketing are the same. Basically, you want to build relationships with those patients who have signed up to your email list, and there are tried-and-tested ways of doing this. Email marketing automation software can take care of much of this for you, but it’s wise to at least be aware and boost those open rates and conversions.

  • Ask your patients for their email addresses and seek permission to send marketing emails when they sign in at their next appointment
  • Make use of social media to encourage patients to sign up for your dental practice email marketing newsletter
  • Personalize your emails – a name, or birthday offer can prove invaluable in terms of building trust and encouraging loyalty
  • Segment your mailing lists. Don’t be tempted to send every email to every patient. After all, someone who has just paid the full price for a root canal will not be best pleased to receive an offer for 20% off the next day!
  • Test your emails. When you sent a dental newsletter, try a few variations on your subject lines, content, and layout. Better still, set your marketing automation software up to do it for you
  • Never spam. Sending too many emails, or irrelevant emails can lead to your newsletters being relegated to the junk folder. Worse still, you may end up being blacklisted, putting paid to all your hard work setting up your marketing strategy (this isn’t permanent, but certainly is highly inconvenient)

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As you can see from the dental newsletter templates above, while dentistry may not be the most attractive topic, and many of us don’t relish the thought of a visit to the dentist’s office, email marketing can work very well in any industry. The key to success? Simplicity, honesty, and relevance. Give your patients what they want, and everyone can benefit. Now that you know how achievable it is, good luck with your first email marketing campaign.


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