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  • Mobile responsive email marketing platform
  • Dozens of great looking newsletter templates
  • Professional signup forms for your website
  • Advanced and intuitive landing page builder
  • User-friendly SMS sending system
  • Comprehensive reports and stats in real time
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Why should you choose ActiveTrail email marketing software?

Almost half of your subscribers are reading your emails on their mobile devices. With ActiveTrail’s new mobile responsive email editor that’s not a problem! All emails are automatically adjusted to any device.

ActiveTrail’s email marketing automation platform offers a simple and effective solution for all of your email marketing needs. Start using ActiveTrail today and watch your revenues grow!

Email marketing & newsletter software - ActiveTrail

  • Active-Commerce pour E-Commerce

    ActiveCommerce – the tool that will skyrocket your online store’s sales

    Introducing ActiveCommerce – the world’s most advanced email marketing tool for e-commerce. Increase your sales by hundreds of percent with the help of targeted, automated campaigns, helping you maximize your revenue from each and every visitor to your website. Read more
  • RestAPi2

    RESTful API – Integration made simple

    ActiveTrail has begun to work with RESTful API technology, a flexible API that's user-intuitive and innovative! Read more
  • automations

    Automate your Email Campaigns with our Visual Autoresponder Software

    Create emails that can be automatically sent to recipients in response to certain actions. You can, for instance, send an automatic email after registration, which could include information on sales. Read more
  • image sms features

    SMS sending software

    Send SMS messages regarding discounts, events and more! ActiveTrail offers an array of enticing SMS packages, enabling you to send messages to your client's mobile device with a click of a mouse. Read more
  • image LP features

    Create Amazing Landing Pages with ActiveTrail’s Software

    ActiveTrail's landing page builder is one of the most advanced builders in the world allowing you to easily build and design landing pages. Your landing page will also look great on mobile devices. Read more
  • paypal3

    Integration with PayPal for quick purchasing

    Waiting for you in ActiveTrail's editor is the option of integration with PayPal, for quick, convenient payment directly from an email campaign or a landing page, without going through the shop! Read more
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