Email Blast

Emails are not only reserved for communication between friends and family. In fact, the majority of emails that are sent out are actually business and marketing related. This type of email is called an email blast or an email broadcast.

An email blast is one single email with a multitude of recipients. The email is sent to a large group of recipients at the same time. Every person or recipient in the blast gets the exact same email. Email blasts do not use segmented lists or personalization.

An email blast does not have any direct messaging. The message is not personalized to the recipient and the recipient is unable to reply to the sender. Email blasts are often used to announce a limited time offer, a business promotion or a grand opening.

Pros of Email Blasts

Generally speaking, email blasts have pros and cons. The benefits of blasts are that they are innately designed to be large in scale, so the greatest number of people can be hit with the information a company is trying to communicate.

Email blasts are especially helpful for small businesses who do not have the resources to segment carefully targeted lists. In fact, many smaller businesses would potentially not use email as a marketing tool at all if they had to structure personalized mailings.

Cons of Email Blasts

Although email blasts can show some results, a business should ask themselves if just because they have the ability to email everyone in their database if it is actually a good idea to do so. Bombarding a person with emails to which they feel no connection may not only be a useless marketing tool, but an annoyance that could cause a company to lose a customer’s business. 

Research has found that strategically aimed email lists are more effective at finding and retaining customers. 

How To Make An Email Blast Effective

The best way for a company to see results from an email blast is to consider the following:

  • Understand Your Subscribers – Just because you have a list of potential customers does not mean they are all interested in what you are sending out in that moment. Learn about their interests, preferences, and behaviors and use that information to tailor your mailing list.
  • Personalize – Make sure that your emails have personal touches that make your subscriber feel like they are not part of a generic blast. For example, send an email following a specific event that only some of your subscribers attended.
  • Collect and Analyze Data – Your subscribers are always changing and evolving. Somebody who subscribed to a diaper company when they first had a baby will not continue to be interested in that company when their children are in high school. Be aware of these changes in interests and adjust your mailings accordingly.  

How Can Active Trail Help you With Email Blasts?

Active Trail is a leading, multi-channel email service provider. We provide our customers with an advanced marketing platform that will not just reach a large amount of customers, it will reach the RIGHT customers.

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