Website Landing Page

Do you know about one of the greatest tools that can instantly up your marketing conversion rate?

If you have not implemented this for your website, you are sorely missing out on a great way to engage customers and clients, and have leeway to expand more avenues of engagement in the future. Just ads alone are often completely ineffective at influencing conversion rates.

What you need is something more engaging and interactive. We’re talking about a website landing page. No fear if that does not yet mean anything to you.

Stick around to find out the ins and outs of creating a website landing page. We will explain the difference between an external landing page, a campaign landing page, features of landing pages, and how you can start building one today.

What is a Website Landing Page?

First off, a website landing page is the webpage customers arrive at that displays your “call to action”, in marketing terms. This includes the option to subscribe to newsletters, emails, and to create an account for your service.

This web page stands alone. The benefit of making one for a new business is that you don’t need a fully fleshed-out website to start selling. The landing page will help you collect valuable data for the future and get people on your mailing list.

External Landing Page

An external landing page is a way to reach people that are not yet part of your network. This could mean that they have never actually visited your website, or don’t have an account with you.

They have the option of clicking through to the advertisement and interacting with you. Landing pages can even lead to direct sales if customers are led to a cart or checkout screen.

These pages can be associated with microsites or just part of your main website, depending on how your business is structured.

Campaign Landing Page

A campaign landing page is as its name suggests, created for an advertising campaign.

As most landing pages are some extension of an advertisement, this should come as no surprise. Landing pages are a great way to determine how well ads are actually working because you can measure the number of people that click through the landing page to what lies beyond.

Features of a Landing Page

While a website has many links to other areas of a site, a landing page is very focused. This is why it’s a great and low-cost way to get sales leads. The message is simple; if a customer is interested in the product, they now know exactly what they need to click to get on board with it.

Because let’s face it: if they weren’t at least somewhat interested in what you were selling in the first place, they would not have clicked the link.

The point of a landing page is to turn a visitor into a customer. Often, they display one slick, stylish ad, and one option to interact.

Landing Page Builder

Thankfully, these days it is really easy to make a beautiful website landing page. Check out the options we have for building your own landing page with us.

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