ActiveTrail for Shopify

ActiveTrail’s simple and effective integration with Shopify lets you stay connected with customers after they’ve made a purchase from your store, send them targeted and effective campaigns based on their behavior when visiting your store and to track their ROI.

With the help of the following guide, you will learn how to connect your Shopify store to the ActiveTrail system.

Here’s what you’ll need to connect your store:

  • An active ActiveTrail account
  • An online store on the Shopify platform and permissions for accessing the store interface.

Connect Shopify to ActiveTrail

  1. Login to ActiveTrail and click on “More” >> ‘Integrations” >> ‘e-Commerce’:

Ecommerce Integrations Screen

  1. Select the appropriate e-commerce platform, in this case, Shopify:

Ecommerce Shops Integration Screen

  1. Fill in your store’s details in the corresponding fields, as follows:

“Store URL” – the web address of your online store.

“Shopify API Key”* and “Shopify API Password”

* To obtain a code (token), and API password, execute the following steps within the Shopify admin interface:

  1. Go to ‘Apps’ and click on >> ‘App and sales channel settings’

and then click on ‘Develop apps’

  1. Then click on ‘Create an app’

6. Fill in the app details (app name and developer’s email). Then select <<Create an app>> to approve the information.

7. Next, click on ‘API credentials’

Need some help? Visit the Shopify support center.

8. Next, copy and paste the information into the fields mentioned in bullet no. 3 above, in the ActiveTrail system (see step 2 above):

9. Press the Save button and your Shopify shop will be synchronized with ActiveTrail!

integrations screen

That’s it – you’re connected!

Upon completion you will gain access to all of ActiveTrail’s advanced e-commerce features, allowing you to build automations such as: post-purchase emails, recovering abandoned carts, re-engaging inactive customers and more…

If you want to hear more about connecting your online store to ActiveTrail, please contact our support team at +1 (929) 214-1037.

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We invite you to learn more through video clips and guides available in our Learning Center.

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