6 Best Ecommerce Order Confirmation Email Strategies

Congratulations! Your online store just had a subscriber convert to a customer.

Now is the time to start retaining him and make sure he will come back for another purchase in the future.

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Start by sending innovative and personalized order confirmation emails, optimize your approach by using a marketing automation software and collecting valuable data on your customers as they engage with your campaigns and your interaction with them a long term interaction.

Order confirmation emails are great for a few reasons:

  1. You can avoid errors in payment and product delivery by confirming the purchase details once more with each client.
  2. You can send them up-sell offers and related products and perhaps boost your revenue from each purchase.
  3. You can strengthen your relationship with each client by not only showing them that you appreciate their business but you want to find out more about the needs they need to be met from your store.

Keep in mind, order confirmation emails have an open rate of 70%, 3x higher than the open rate of other types of emails. Take note that it’s easier and cheaper to retain existing customers than gaining new ones.

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Here Are the 6 Best Ecommerce Order Confirmation Email Strategie

1. Provide clear instructions about what to do next

Aside from providing order details, the customer also needs to be informed about what will happen next. For example, you can include details about when they can expect the product to arrive and how they can track the delivery.

Providing the next steps improves customer experience because it shows transparency and honesty. Use simple words and brief sentences to ensure that the instructions that are easy to understand. If possible, include CTA buttons so they can track their order straight from the email.

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2. Ask for reviews

Approximately 95% of online shoppers check online reviews before buying, so it’s crucial for your product listings to show reviews from customers who have already purchased and tried your items. Your order confirmation email is your chance to ask for a legitimate review. Create a survey to get instant feedback from your customers then cultivate the data and use it to your advantage by:

  1. Adding customer testimonials to your “consideration” emails from your conversion funnel
  2. Segment customers according to answers, better segmentation means better personalization and more conversions
  3. Use the data to improve your business

A great way to get more customers to engage with your survey is by offering a coupon code or free shipping for the next purchase in exchange for the survey engagement.

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3. Recommend related products based on their current purchase

A confirmation email is also your chance to upsell or cross-sell. At the bottom of your email, you can present a more expensive version of the ordered product with a short copy about why they would want it. You can also cross-sell items that would perfectly complement the products they just bought.

For example, you can upsell software product by showing more updated versions. Or, you can cross-sell smartphone accessories to a client who just purchased a smartphone. Make the upsell and cross-sell appropriate to increase the odds of success. It’s all about the relevance.

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4. Be interactive

Make your brand stand out by adding elements of surprise on your next confirmation email. But, make sure they’re useful and not just a content filler. It shouldn’t make the email look cluttered or distract the customer from the email’s original intent.

Animated content about how to use the product, for example, adds aesthetic appeal but it still provides useful information. You can also try entertaining quizzes and funny videos that can make your brand more relatable to your customers. Make your online store a household by creating compelling content with your emails, by creating great content all the way through the sales funnel, your customers will even share it with friends and family and help promote your business.

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5. Offer discounts or exclusive deals

Promos and discounts are everybody’s weakness. They’re like magnets that shoppers find hard to resist! Encourage your clients to purchase more products by giving them exclusive discounts, freebies, and special deals on the next purchase.

Free shipping, for instance, will be highly beneficial for customers who usually purchase items separately. Be sure to highlight the value of your offer in your order confirmation email so that your new customer will understand the benefits of taking advantage if your offers.

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6. Invite customers to follow you on social media

This is a simple request you can add to your confirmation email which can lead to profound results. You can try writing a short copy (about how they can follow you on social media) at the bottom of your email or you can simply add clickable icons before your contact info.

When satisfied customers follow you on social media, you’re not just growing your fan base. You’re adding one more channel where you can delight your new customer! Plus, when your satisfied customer posts their positive brand experience on their social media feed, they can tag your brand so more potential customers will come your way! After all, there’s no other more authentic and effective brand ambassador than a happy customer.

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In conclusion

A simple “Thank You” adds value to your email, but including the said strategies enhances customer’s affinity towards your brand. You can choose to use one or two of the tips when crafting your confirmation email.

Mix and match and see what works best. You don’t want to ask too much from your client at once, or you’ll risk turning them off altogether. Remember: at the front and center of your email marketing campaign is your customer.  So, be sure to design a visually captivating email, but be clear and direct about what you want them to do and how they’ll benefit from it.

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