13 Creative Alternatives to the “Just Checking In” Email

Many digital marketers have the bad habit of sending “just checking in” emails inappropriately. It is tempting to do, because it’s easy “Just Checking In” emails are no-brainers.

But, laziness won’t get your marketing efforts anywhere. This kind of email doesn’t work because they don’t add value to the receiver. You’re just disturbing them. These might even push them to unsubscribe if you keep sending “just checking in” emails with no value.

Only use “just checking in” emails when you already have a prior contact with the client and you had an agreement about something he would do but he didn’t do it.

Here are creative alternatives so you can stay away from “just checking in”:

1. Share content relevant to their position or business.

Find an article, infographic, or video which might be useful to your client. You can make it educational or entertaining.

2. Talk about a recent blog post they just published.

Your respondents will respond if your email revolves around them, not you.

3. Congratulate them on their milestones and achievements.

Let them know you genuinely care about their happiness. You can set up Google alerts for you to be updated about your prospects’ activities.

4. Suggest an upcoming event in their area.

Give them the details of an event that will be helpful for their profession or company.

5. Send a webinar invitation that you are hosting.

This way, you’re hitting two targets, checking in with your subscriber and promoting your webinar.

6. Suggest LinkedIn groups that will help your subscribers.

This is another great way to add value to your client. You can gain their trust if you show that you care about their professional growth.

7. Show a case study of your existing customer.

A case study can establish your authority and build your social proof.

8. Point out a part of their business or website which can be improved and suggest ways improve them.

Your client will give to you their time if you show them that you can solve their problems.

9. Send them a comprehensive how-to guide and present your availability if they want to meet in person.

Educate and empower your subscribers and let them know of your availability.

10. Answer their questions on forums and social media, and then send a follow-up email with additional resources.

Set up a Google alert so you can listen to your clients better. Then respond appropriately.

11. Bring up a subject their competitor is excelling at and ask about their plans to address it.

This is a great way to start a conversation with your subscribers.

12. Share a common problem your clients face and ask if they experience it too.

Learn about their pain points so you can show how you can resolve them.

13. Give them actionable advice.

Ask them a question and send an existing eBook which is helpful for them.

Final Words

Use the examples below to ensure that all your messages are valuable and client-centered. “Just checking in” emails are brand centered and adds no value to your subscribers. It should be avoided if not dropped altogether.

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