How to Create the Perfect Email Marketing Funnel for Your Webinar

Hosting a webinar means that you’re ready to take your marketing to a new level. By its nature, it combines visual, audio and information in one interactive content piece. Since educative content is so valuable to customers today, your webinar can be a huge asset to your business.

By having relevant topics and discussion points, a webinar can establish your thought leadership in your niche or industry. It’s also a great strategy to strengthen customer relationships as they get more engaged in watching you, listening to your insights and joining the conversation. As far as cost-efficiency goes, webinars can collect many leads and ease the process of converting them into customers.

Of course, hosting a webinar requires promotion strategies to spread the word out. Nobody wants to spend time, energy and resources on a webinar no one would attend and watch? This is exactly where some companies fail.

By forgetting to create an effective email marketing funnel, they fail to maximize the potential of their webinars to gain high ROI. But with a reliable email marketing software and powerful strategies, you are guaranteed that the next webinar you are hosting will be a converting webinar.

Here are a few tips on creating the perfect email marketing funnel:

Spread the word

Just like real events, your webinar relies on the effectiveness of your promotion campaigns to expect a large number of attendees.

This is a good opportunity for you to invite existing leads by sending them an email invitation. Facebook ads can also help you reach your potential attendees as it allows your targeting to be granular. Similarly, you can promote on Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social media platforms.


Ask for an email address to sign up for your webinar

We did mention that webinars can help you capture leads, right? This is where it begins. While your webinar might be free, you need to ask your attendees to register to confirm their attendance. You can take this chance and encourage them to sign up using their email address.

You can ask for their names, location and contact number too. Be careful with this though because asking too much personal information can just add to the friction. Not everyone is comfortable sharing information about themselves.

When attendees register with their email address, you do not only succeed in growing your list for lead nurturing. This can also encourage commitment on their part as they have already out in a certain effort by participating in your webinar.


Give a sneak peek at what to expect in your webinar

Tease your audience by sharing details that can convince them to sign up and attend. Here, you can highlight what’s in it for them to make your webinar more attractive.

You can send those who are already signed up emails days before your webinar to keep the excitement. It can also serve as a reminder to ensure their attendance.

Another tip is to inform them about the challenges and issues that you plan to solve in your webinar. If you have guest speakers, you can show their credentials and what they will be discussing.

Give them details that will excite them and keep the curiosity high.


Provide real value at the webinar and end with a compelling CTA

The rule is simple: deliver on what you promised.

People attend your webinar because of the new information, tips, and insights they can apply to their business. Focusing your webinar on promoting your business can turn off your attendees and leave a bad impression.

Make sure to delve deeper into the challenges that you want to address and the appropriate solutions to provide value. In the end, you can position your business and service as the best solution. It does not have to be a hard sell. But it should be convincing enough to drive attendees to take the next step.

This is why a compelling CTA is important. You can offer a free consultation or assessment. The objective is to take advantage of the moment while your audience is highly engaged.


Thank them and ask for feedback

Keep the fire in the relationship burning with a thank you note sent via email. It’s also your chance to solicit feedback from your audience, which you can use as testimonials in future webinars or a guide to improve your next project. It also keeps your contacts engaged with your business.

In conclusion, it’s not enough to produce a valuable webinar for it to convert. A powerful promotion strategy, including email marketing, must support it to achieve success and better results. Remember, your connection with your attendees does not end right after they leave your webinar. Use it to begin a long-lasting relationship with them so you could nurture them and turn them into profitable customers.