How to Find the Perfect Color for Your Newsletter

Remember that time you spotted the perfect color for your newsletter design somewhere in the web and you had no idea how to find it, let alone embed it in your mailing system?

Guess what?

There’s a solution for it!

Among all the great extensions Google Chrome has , the very practical and easy to operate Eye dropper  is hiding.

Here is a brief guide on how to install and use the plugin:

1. Go to Google and write “eye dropper addon” in the search bar.

eye droper download

2.  Click on the first result in the search > download the extension.

eye droper add to chrome

3.  After installation you will see the extension on the right/left up, depending on your browser language.

4. Clicking on the icon will open a small window with two options:

• Click on pick color from web.

welcome to eye droper

• Select the color you want by clicking on it.

• Then click on the color picker.

color number

Now you will see your color number and you can copy it to the desired location in our system.

button color

more colors

select color

*** Please note that there are two different places where you need to copy the number – with # and without #.

This tip was given to you by Almog Gilad from our support team

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