Meet ActiveTrail’s Affiliate Program

You can’t choose your family, but your partners you can – especially those who bring you commissions every month!

You’re invited to be partners in our success through our rewarding affiliate program. How rewarding? Every month you’ll get a 15% commission  for all the payments made by customers that you brought to ActiveTrail.

ActiveTrail's Affiliate Program

Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, first came up with the idea of the partners campaign in 1996.  Twenty years later, Amazon is operating with more than 400,000 partners.  The formula works, and for good reason: affiliate programs (including, of course, ActiveTrail’s) work in such a way that everyone benefits; the service provider, the partners, and the new customers that the partners sign up.  After all, if you’re pleased with our system, don’t you want to pass it on?

ActiveTrail’s affiliates program is suitable for everyone; anyone who thinks he can attract customers to our excellent platform, or who knows people who might be interested in it.  If you’re self-employed and you work from home, work in sales promotion, design, the field of internet marketing and development, if you’re a consultant, a marketer, a leader of public opinion, a website builder, software developer, SEO expert, internet entrepreneur, service provider, business owner, any existing customer of ours – every single one is invited to be our partner.

Of course, in order to be a partner of ActiveTrail you’ll have to contact us to get our approval, since partnership is a two-way street.

How does ActiveTrail’s affiliate program work?


Each customer who reaches us through an ActiveTrail affiliate gets a 10% discount and each ActiveTrail partner receives a 15% commission for the same new customer she signed up to the system.

There are three ways for a partner to sign customers up to the system:

1. Through the partner’s unique URL

Each partner can make himself a unique link (URL) to our website, through which he can market ActiveTrail and keep tabs on the customers he succeeds in bringing.  For that, all you need to do is to enter the name you want in the appropriate box (see below) thus creating a URL link to the ActiveTrail system that is exclusively yours.  The unique link allows ActiveTrail to keep track of the customers who came in via the partner, automatically and in real time.

In order to do this, log in to your partner account at ActiveTrail and create a URL code for yourself:


affiliate settings

There are all kinds of ways to use the code: you can send it personally and you can use it in broader-scale marketing in your various networks, embed it in banners, landing pages, and more.  In your partner account, you also have a pool of ActiveTrail marketing materials that you can use freely and with which you can advertise wherever you like.

marketing material

As long as you advertise ActiveTrail using your unique link code, every customer who reaches us through your advertisement will be considered a customer who reached us through you and you’ll be able to get the related commission.

2. A coupon code (10% discount)

You can also do the marketing and follow-up of customers you bring in through the 10% discount coupon code.  The coupon code you create is also exclusively yours, so anyone who uses it is designated directly as a customer who came in through you.

Coupon codes

3. Manual designation

The third, and somewhat less digital (but still valid and legitimate) option is to make sure the designation of the customer that you, as a partner, brought in is carried out manually through ActiveTrail before the customer purchases a subscription or a package.  Send us a message at before your customer purchases the package of her choice and we’ll make sure to carry out the designation for you and to grant her the 10% discount you have coming to you.


Also in the affiliate account, you can keep track of your anticipated income in accordance with the number of customers you brought.  You can choose the method of payment – bank transfer or check, keep track of the total commissions due to you, how much you’ve already been paid and the balance due, how many leads you brought in and how much they purchased.  Likewise, you’ll have full access to invoices in your name, arranged by date, amount, and method of payment.

Affiliates general


That’s it. All you have left to do is to fill out the details on this form, to log in to your affiliate account, to download ActiveTrail’s marketing materials, and to start earning money.

We love collaborating.  You’re welcome to contact us at the marketing department for additional collaboration options at