Newsletter software

Since their beginning, newsletters have played an important role in the marketing mix of all types of businesses, throughout the years. Marketers always knew that information sharing was a key element when building relationships with carefully selected, targeted audiences.

Using the power and technology of the Internet, has now given the email newsletter marketer, an open door to the global digital world. Staying in closer contact with your clients has never been easier or faster. But, having a powerful, proven strategy does not guarantee success, if you do not have the right newsletter software behind you.

Great campaigns need powerful and flexible newsletter software

To use any strategy effectively, one must know their audience; and create dynamic relevant content, to move towards a successful and strong newsletter campaign.

Sending out hundreds of newsletters, at different intervals, to an accurately defined targeted audience, becomes time-consuming and overwhelming. This makes it even more important that you choose the right e-newsletter program. You need to invest in the one that has shown proven results, can meet all your present needs and challenges; well able to support your future growth.

The proven benefits of email newsletter software

It is said, that you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. In this hi-tech age, you may only get seconds to catch and keep a recipient’s attention. With such a small window of opportunity, you not only need to capture, but to keep their attention. Serious challenges call for serious software.

Not aware of the Can-Spam laws concerning optimization of graphics and standardized pixel size? No problem. Every template is already in compliance and ready to go. Of course, every email newsletter marketer needs to know what constitutes spamming. Read the laws before creating your message and content.

  • Professionally Designed Templates: One of the greatest benefits of using the right email newsletter program is in its large and diversified array of preformatted, corporate HTML templates. Most marketers are out there selling and networking. They have no time to spend hours and weeks on creating graphics and trying to learn hand coding. Simply pick the right design that accurately represents your brand, edit the text, while inserting your company logo, allows you to modify any design, making it your own.
  • WYSIWYG HTML Editor: Simple to learn and easy to use, a WYSIWYG HTML editor is perfect for the novice user. Working in a visual design environment, the user designs an HTML friendly newsletter, as the source code is automatically being added behind the scenes. Without any knowledge of tags or code, there is a greater possibility for a perfectly coded design without browser and email compliant mistakes.
  • Address List Management: Using the email list management software that automatically comes with your email newsletter program lets you concentrate and fully focus on your content and message, when targeting your subscribers. A good list management software should:
    • Purge invalid and undeliverable bounced email addresses from your list.
    • Manage subscribe and unsubscribe requests.
    • Manually upload or remove of emails.
    • Create and store subscription database and forms to plug into your website
    • Create Targeted Lists Based on Subscription Database Information
    • Automate unsubscribe and bounce processing
    • Give you individual email history activity
  • Demographics: Sending the right message to the right target is the surest way for a successful email campaign. Creating accurate and precise segments to group your subscribers in, as you separate them by gender, age, marital status, profession, geography, and interests, is the path towards relevant content, and effective marketing.
  • Autoresponder Strategies: Autoresponders are an essential tool for any email marketer. Build lasting relationships with prospects using an automated sequence of personalized emails. With autoresonders, you can schedule any type of message delivery for the days and time periods you choose. Autoresponders can easily be set to go out from a triggered response, such as: first time subscriber opts in, information requests, and technical support request confirmations. Their uses are limitless, as they keep an open and active communication path with your clients and prospects.

Newsletter content

Writing relevant content is up to you. Nothing takes the place of good copy. Usually, we know by the second paragraph, if we are sticking with the story or moving on. Whatever the subject, your content needs to be sharp, crisp, clear, and interesting. Need to share a long story or explanation? Have the remainder of the text hyperlinked to an appropriate page, on your website for its conclusion with a possible call to action. Use your landing pages wisely.

ActiveTrail offers the most powerful, multifaceted email campaign software, giving you total control over all your email newsletter campaigns. Like an invisible 24/7 partner that never tires, you can depend on the ActiveTrail team to give you the tools and support you need – at all times. Our e-newsletter software produces sophisticated and detailed statistical reports, which will outline your successes, as well as where modification and changes need to be made. By comparing campaign to campaign, you are well on your way to building and improving your ROI. Don’t settle. Get the technology you need to surpass your competitors.