Unsubscribe to the newsletter? Ask the news sites

You invest a lot content-wise. Of course you do, no one doubts that. You create videos, upload sponsored posts, update the blog every week, and make sure to give your clients great deals that they shouldn’t miss. So, why those who visit your website aren’t signing up for your newsletter? This question doesn’t really depend on clicking the “subscribe” button. It’s related to a process that takes place deep inside your next client’s mind, who – although enthusiastic about the product and has liked the massage – still don’t see themselves as clients.

News sites do this well, using sophisticated mechanism for sharing content and making it viral, and there’s no reason why commercial or branded sites can’t do the same. Numbers don’t lie: about 90% of users read emails and open dozens of messages every day, so how come only less than 2% get involved, and subscribe to your mailing list? This is an interesting question given the global popularity of email marketing strategy. True, you can always add a registration form or a banner to encourage quick registration. It’s necessary, but it’s not where salvation lies, so where should you look for it?

Immediate value for website users

Just registered? Here’s an immediate benefit. It’s hard to believe, but it does work. Not a 10% discount for your next purchase, nor 25% if you reach a five zeros sum – just give a gift upon signing up. Receiving the newsletter is not the optimal incentive a client expects, and so, it’s definitely recommended to invest in a deal that can be beneficiary for both sides: give us your email and receive a present. Providing instant value to website visitors will send a clear message: you should very much stay with us.

If 125 thousand other users found it interesting – then it must be interesting! (Pexel)

Stimuli always work

One of the oldest recommendations, that still work, is to create stimuli and temptations in the form of interesting teasers. News sites are excellent at applying this: want to watch a video of the boy who saved a dog from a crocodile, or Messi’s amazing goal? Subscribe to the app or the newsletter. Commercial brands can and should also use this method, and offer users interesting content, or at least some of it. Want to see more? You know where to subscribe.

The masses are smarter

Another encouragement tactic for joining the mailing list is to simply use the wisdom of the masses. Here too, news sites have figured it out, and show the number of viewer or readers next to the lead headline. If 125 thousand other users found it interesting – then it must be interesting! Displaying the number of subscribers to a newsletter not only indicates a level of interest, but also of a high trust level from users. After all, if 125 thousand subscribers felt secure enough to leave their email – why shouldn’t I?

Share, share, share

Anyone who deals with digital marketing knows how difficult it is to convince users to share content organically. One of the more common “traps” for encouraging subscriptions is planting a small button in interesting content. “Share with friends” isn’t an innocent button. It allows any user to share content organically via email. Since spam laws require consent in advance, it’s clear that before sending the user will have to tick a box for consent. This not only increases number of subscribers, but also their level of engagement with the brand.

Benefits, benefits, benefits

A mailing list is a kind of customer club that requires constant nurturing, and just like any customer club, the benefits method works here as well. It’s time to ask yourselves: what’s stopping you from giving better prices to your club members? Gifts and benefits that don’t appear on your website? Not an immediate gift after registration, but a constant and prolonged pampering that will encourage subscribing to the club. If you responded positively, then it’s time to shout it out from the rooftops of your home page and other digital assets.