It’s Time to Start Using an SMS Marketing Software

The marketing world is constantly evolving and changing, as it should. As smartphones slowly took over our lives, a big window opened up for online marketers in the form of messages that are delivered right to the palm of our hand.

Sending SMS messages is considered the most direct and personal of all marketing methods, and it’s pretty obvious why. 70% of the world’s population possess a personal cellphone and in the US these numbers jump up to 90%!

 sms marketing software

But if you want to start marketing your business by SMS, your personal experience of sending messages to your family and friends won’t cut it.

The SMS marketing tips that will help you get started with your first campaign:

Keep it simple

Marketing messages should be short and to the point. Know your audience and address them directly. Need a few more words to get your message across? Add a link to your website or landing page that is mobile responsive and provide the extra information there.

If it looks like spam – it is spam

To avoid creating the immediate impression that your SMS is spam, don’t use cheap marketing approaches. Over-enthusiastic messages, the use of too many exclamation marks (“Sale!!!!!!!!!”), and sentences like “OMG, what a crazy sale!!” are examples of what you don’t want to do.

Make it worth their while

No one wants to receive an SMS message to their mobile if they can’t get immediate benefit from the information it provides. Sales and special offers that are available now, is the way your customers will take you seriously and pay attention to your future messages.

Who are you?

We don’t like receiving messages to our private phone that we’re not sure who sent. To avoid making your recipients feel that you’ve invaded their privacy, make it clear who you are by identifying yourself clearly, use the name of your company or brand to make the right impression right away.

Add an unsubscribe

Not everyone wants to receive marketing messages to their phone, and annoying your potential customers is the last thing you want. Add an unsubscribe option to give your customers more freedom.

Using ActiveTrail’s SMS marketing software, If you choose to identify your company in the sender line, you won’t be able to add an unsubscribe option by replying to the SMS – the unsubscribe option is only available when a phone number appears in the SMS sender line, or by adding an unsubscribe link.

Make them feel special

Don’t send your recipients random information from your website, make them feel special by offering them exclusive offers that aren’t available anywhere else.

Food for thought when starting your SMS campaign

Sending SMS online can be just what your company needs to pull itself up, but it can also have devastating effects when used incorrectly. Don’t badger your recipients as many organizations tend to do.

Create a brainstorming team and manage it cleverly. Think what your customers want from you, what will annoy them, and which times are good for issuing your messages.

SMS marketing software can be just what you need for that extra edge.

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