How to use an SMS system to amplify your marketing

Instant delivery

One of the benefits of SMS systems like ActiveTrail’s ActiveSMS for marketing is lightning fast delivery.

Our research has shown that within 3 minutes of sending out your SMS, over 90% of your customers will have read it. This offers unique opportunities to capture the moment.

marketing sms system

Let them know about a 10-hour sale that only they are privy to.

Invite them to your nearest premises with a 25% discount if they show the SMS – today only!

Send out important breaking news relevant to your business to let your customers see your business has its finger on the pulse.

Think – how could your business offer value to your customers with such a unique service?

SMS is head on-the-go

Email delivery on phones is increasing, and almost 50% of the emails you send will be read on a mobile device, but it still pales in comparison to the ubiquity of text messages.

Sending an SMS virtually guarantees your readers will read your message now, wherever they are, and they’ll keep the message on them at all times. This lends the use of an SMS system well to campaigns that focus on the physical world – getting customers to your premises for a special offer for example, or reminding them of an event.

SMS reaches all demographics

SMS campaigns, in conjunction with smart marketing software, can be set to be highly targeted to specific demographics. On the flip side, SMS has the power to cast a wider net than other forms of marketing.

Whereas social media may have a certain demographic, and a radio has another, everyone – no matter who they are – has a phone.

Sending SMS with the SMS system is so simple that everyone can understand it with no technical knowledge at all, making it a persuasive option.

Keep your message simple

SMS stands for Short Messaging Service and your copy should reflect that. Text messages must be no longer than 160 characters.

Use the same methods as you would on Twitter to impart as much information as possible, but remember – the more complex your message and the more steps you require from your audience, the more likely they are to discard your message.

Consider cross-method marketing

Don’t just think of SMS as a one-shot advertising push, integrate it into your marketing cycle.

With ActiveTrail you can use each method to its full potential – introduce an event to all of your readers via email newsletter for example, and automatically flag only those who show interest with ActiveTrail triggers. Follow up with an SMS reminder to just these people. This reduces cost, and makes for a more personalized campaign.

All-in-all, using SMS marketing software can be a fantastic complement to email marketing that increases your presence with your customers.

Using ActiveTrail’s SMS system allows SMS messaging to become an intelligent part of your marketing campaigns.

Try ActiveSMS and send lightening fast messages – the result won’t disappoint!

Join ActiveTrail for the most personalized SMS system.