How ChatGPT optimize digital marketing?

No doubt you’ve heard, read or seen the next technological revolution that will change the world – depend on who you ask. The new artificial intelligence software, ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is not just for geeks and programmers. We, digital marketing professionals, can also use it to optimize the day-to-day work, and improve the conversion rate.

Fans of the new software believe it is science-fiction-turned-reality, and we can all stop racking our brains. This smart algorithm will write, design, search (and find) and will enrich our lives with the sea of information that our human brain isn’t unable to process. “This is the end of search engines”, the fans will say. Objectors claim that it’s still too early to know how much this new bot can replace the human brain, and that no one knows how to make money from it. In other words: without a successful business model – there won’t be any intelligence… In addition, the bot doesn’t really know how to search the web; its results are based on scanning data that it has process before.

In any event, we can already say that the technology looks unique, and that the bot – which monitors and analyzes billions of human conversations online – is far more advanced than anything we’ve ever seen. The good news is that this time, the technologies are not hidden in secret development centers, but are out in the open for everyone to use. And everyone agrees that a bot that is capable of producing content and very human conversation, is the heart desire of many market, sales, customer service, information managers and content people. Organizations can use ChatGPT to create chatbots that can answer clients’ questions, and provide information about products or services. According to recent publications, ChatGPT can answer almost any customer service question, and give a good and reasoned explanation.

Why does the marketing world needs ChatGPT?

Artificial intelligence has been accompanying the world of digital marketing for a long time. The world’s leading marketing automation systems have already implemented smart algorithms, which assist in optimizing clients’ journeys and produce accurate personal messages, but this is only the beginning. If you are looking for additional uses, we found a few that, according to global reports, can make life easier for all of us, right here – right now.

Optimizing user’s queries

Anyone who works in SEO knows how difficult it is to identify common search words in real time, but that’s exactly what ChatGPT is capable of. ChatGPT allows you to receive the most common queries typed by users. This way, you can optimize the content accordingly, and increase conversion rates. Even if some of the questions displayed may seem imaginary, it’s still important information, since they contain search terms that might be relevant to your brand.

Improving client experience

Imagine a representative that answers every question regarding the brand or its purchase process, in an articulated, practical and responsible manner. This is exactly what ChatGPT’s smart bot does. The main advantage of the bot is that the answers are not only reasoned, but actually answer users questions regarding the sales process itself, such as delivery times, back-in-stock products or return policy. General and structural answer – out, personalized answers – in. Customer service is the new marketing, remember?

ChatGPT can answer almost any customer service question (depositphotos)

Improving converting content on your site

Social networks are full of great stories created by the ChatGPT bot based on complex queries. An underwater galloping horse? Snow in the desert? This is the place to search, but not only for horses. You can use ChatGPT to generate an almost visual description that adorns your product pages with interesting stories and, of course, better converting. In addition, the bot can generate recommendations for related products, which is based on the purchase history of each user. Increasing involvement is here to stay.

Writing social media posts

We didn’t think there was substitute for human writing, until ChatGPT came along and simplified the content creation process. Thus, writing marketing and sales posts for social networks becomes easy and quick, including descriptions for the selected photo. Easy-peasy, did we mention this already?

Writing marketing articles

No, this article was not written by ChatGPT, but parts of it were indeed inspired after a deep scan of the software. It’s no secret that in recent years writing marketing articles is mainly done for machines, in order to serve the needs of the SEO, but in the end those who read the content are users, who are looking for value. It’s strange to think that a machine would write for another machine, or even for human eyes, but that’s exactly what’s happening here. ChatGPT’s is quit readable, and doesn’t include brand references and a babble of context-less files. Even if it’s still not perfect, it’s definitely inspiring, especially when we deal with new topics.

Poems, rhymes, names and titles

Having writer’s block? Feeling uninspired? Weren’t born creative? No problem. ChatGPT will solve all those problems with a plethora of names, poem suggestions and interesting titles. Just ask.