The secrets behind the biggest online websites

42 billion dollars in one day. Yes, you read correctly. 42,000,000,000 dollars in 24 hours. 147 billion NIS when speaking in shekels – 27 billion shekels more than the defense budget of Israel, including all the sub-clauses. Oh yeah, did we mention that this figure only referrers to the revenue of just Ali Express Group, during the shopping frenzy known as the “Chinese Singles’ Day”?

So how do they do it? The background is clear: billion Chinese people, our digital age, the raging pandemic outside – and still – can you picture an entire country in which each citizen spends 42$ on a given day? This fantastic number did not just happen. It’s a result of a non-stop sophisticated digital marketing. So much so, that it seems that Ali Express, Amazon, eBay, SHEIN and the like operate in their own level. The good news is that you can, and should, learn how to do it like they do – how to earn money from ecommerce without going into huge expenses.

So just before the November shopping events we set out to dig, explore, discover and understand the secrets and little tricks, which turn these websites into well-oiled money-making machines. You won’t be surprised if we say that everything is automated today. The smart algorithm knows exactly what we all want to purchase, when – and especially – what happens while we consider the purchase. Yeah, you might be already there, or halfway there and perhaps you’ve already implemented one or two tricks, but until you complete this list, you won’t be as successful. Are you ready

Your website must-have #1: Multi-Product Landing Pages

You can’t find a marketing manager who isn’t familiar with the “long tail” theory. Coined by the editor of Wired magazine, Chris Anderson, the theory states that it’s possible to reach all available target audiences, and market to them many products, using popular “anchor” products. This theory led major ecommerce sites to market a wireless computer mouse to everyone who typed in Google “computer equipment” or “laptop at a good price”, and display it on multi-product landing pages of the same content. Ali Express and Amazon do this with ease and vigor, using landing pages full of related products and links to poplar products, increasing the conversion ratio fourfold.

Your website must-have #2: A fan base

The immortal saying that nothing is as familiar to an audience as an audience is also valid in ecommerce. is great at this, with showing the number of visitors to the website at any given moment, and by presenting positive reactions and prominent recommendations for each product. On Amazon you can see, on each product page, how many people have purchased it in order to know its popularity. The research isn’t wrong: about 75% of digital consumers trust the opinion of other consumers – even if they never met. Using your online audience will also allow you to increase cross-selling on the site under the figure: 100 customers purchased these gloves after purchasing this professional bike pump.

people have purchased it in order to know its popularity

Your website must-have #3: Answers to common questions

Amazon does this very well, making life easier for its customers. Showing frequently asked questions asked by users, and providing factual and well-reasoned answers, will definitely increase trust and speed up purchase. If you wish to be more meticulous, add a live chat (if you have the manpower for it) for each product page, in case some rare question pops up that isn’t on the website yet.

Your website must-have #4: A thousands client journeys in one day

See the imaginary number above? Now imagine that each client goes on their own journey, during which the website will know exactly at what stage they are in, and their decision-making process before a purchase. On Ali Express and SHEIN, for example, they send 2-3 newsletters daily! They’re not afraid of what will you think of them. Their newsletters are varied, and based on your monitored behavior while you browsed the website. True, sometimes it’s annoying, but a good bargain comes at a price. Our recommendation is to feel your audience, in order to know whether the site generates enough value for them in one given day.

Your website must-have #5: Send feedback surveys

As basic as it may seem, there are quite a few ecommerce websites that are hesitant or afraid to ask their clients for honest and true feedback about the purchase process and their satisfaction of the product. However, good feedback can’t wait for the client to initiate it, but provides different ways of valuable communication. A client just purchased a decorative bench for the balcony? Send her a video tutorial with assembly instructions or design inspiration, to help them locate the bench optimally.

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