How to Create a Better Customer Experience with Live Chat Web Pages

In today’s aggressively competitive world, where a business faces cutthroat tactics with every step towards success, the Holy Grail for promoting your brand is customer satisfaction.

When your customer is satisfied, your business flourishes, customer lifetime value improves, and your turnover rate decreases. But how do you improve customer satisfaction? What strategies and ideas work? These are the real questions that need definitive and actionable answers. There are many ways to improve customer experience, including a perfect web page, enabling live chat, having a seamless checkout process, etc.

Web Pages create the initial impression of your brand in the customer’s mind, which is long-lasting, so you want this introductory step to go as smoothly and positively as possible. And to ensure a compelling first meeting, enable live chat on your website’s page to increase productivity and enrich customer satisfaction.

First, let’s clarify the benefits of live chat on a web page:

  • Turns every visitor into a possible prospect, lead, or subscriber
  • Makes a sale, or at least gets them running on the trial package
  • Live Chat is a catalyst and speeds up the conversion process
  • Nurtures your visitors for future conversions
  • Live Chat will stand out, even if your web page doesn’t
  • Filters out visitors from your actual prospects

Here’s how live chat improves customer satisfaction, creating a user-friendly environment on your web page:

1. Explain the purpose, tell the story, or offer a discount

offer a discount

People treasure narratives, behind-the-scenes looks, and companies with a purpose that spreads goodwill.

Live Chat is the best opportunity for you to proactively present your story, acknowledge your purpose, or provide exclusive discounts to your visitors, which ultimately makes your product or service more lucrative when compared to your competitors.

You can also use the Live Chat Welcome message feature as a chance to showcase some of your best reviews and establish your customers’ faith in your brand. Reviews can be the ultimate score for any brand, as people trust others’ experiences and their buying decisions are influenced by what reviewers have to say about your products.

These reviews can be the perfect way to make your first impression, and in return, your customers are happy with their experiences on your site because they learned everything there was to know about your product from the start.

Live Chat, therefore, can be a demonstration of your company’s heart and soul.

2. Adds a Human Factor

Adds a Human Factor

Live Chat not only establishes your first impression and creates value for both parties, but it also offers a human component to the consumer’s encounter with your brand.

Being able to just click on a window on your website and get prompt assistance with your products gives customers a sense of satisfaction and saves everybody’s time.

If your Live Chat software requests customer details (like name, email address, etc.) before answering their queries, you can use those details to personalize the service. You can get on a first-name basis, which can be the beginning of a long-term relationship.

Live Chat helps you refine your post-service experience as well, offering the option to forward a transcript of the chat to the customer’s email.

All these practices add up to more brand value, and create a long-lasting confidence in your customers that your brand is irreplaceable.

3. Create Offer-Specific Web Pages

Create Offer-Specific Web Pages

With Live Chat on your website or Google Analytics running, you can see who the repeat visitors are and what they are looking for, whether something specific or maybe an offer. You can use this data to trigger a specific web page for these regulars and offer them the information or deals that they are looking for.

Using these special Web Pages can do wonders for your conversion rate. They require a certain amount of precision and knowledge in their structure and creation, but in the end, it’s all worth it. You can guide these visitors and other traffic to the specific Web Pages with Live Chat software, resulting in better conversion rates.

Additionally, it shows you who your genuine customers are and whose just window shopping on your website.

4. Connect with customers easily

Time is money these days and everyone appreciates the brand or business that keeps it short and sweet.

Live Chat can help with that. It saves your visitors time by keeping things straightforward and delivering necessities like discounts, information, and FAQs to your customers on the go.

It also makes it easy to reach to a representative of your company, who is just a click away. Customers only have to enter their questions into the chat box and then they will be taken care of by your representative.

Nobody likes to wait around for a call or an email for answers to simple questions. They need speed when it comes to solutions and Live Chat gives you exactly that!

5. Speedy Solutions

If you have a complicated website or unconventional pricing structure that requires explanation, then Live Chat might be your savior!

There’s nothing wrong with the navigation of your website or with your product needing an explanation, but there is a problem if you assume that your customers won’t mind these obstacles and will figure it out themselves. You can easily help your visitors with their questions. Even if they are just visitors, with no intention of purchasing your product right now, this experience will nurture them for the future and create a long-lasting impression of your brand.

Therefore, Live Chat will help you turn this obstacle into an opportunity for your brand, where you will be able to navigate your customers through your website or provide speedy solutions to queries.


Live Chat brings out the best in your website, as well as your representatives. It will not only help you engage your customers, but will also help them understand your products and improve their overall experience.

Author Bio-
Sawaram Suthar is head of marketing at Acquire, and also a founder of Jagat Media, a digital marketing agency. A digital marketing consultant, he has experience in things including branding, promotions and page optimization, along with research and strategy.