How to Choose a Whatsapp marketing System?

The spam policy of Whatsapp is uncompromisable, especially when it comes to sending marketing related messages. In fact, it nearly leaves the power to decide about the advertiser’s future in the hands of their customers. Examples of advertisers being “wise guys” are widespread. But the things that are missing are the important rules which differentiate between a legal Whatsapp sending system and a system that was developed independently on Whatsapp’s API.

As you can remember, Whatsapp, which is owned by META Group (Facebook), lately authorized, to a limited number of companies around the world, to send marketing related messages under strict regulatory rules, in order to prevent advertisers from sending spam messages without their customers’ consent. Therefore, advertisers that will want to implement the new service, will be required to comply with strict rules, such as receiving an authorization from Whatsapp regarding the messages’ content prior to their sending, multilevel delivery for a limited number of customers and more. Whatsapp has announced that it will impose sanctions on advertisers who will fail to comply with its advertising rules, from blocking users in Whatsapp, to blocking business pages on Facebook.

The Israeli market is full of systems offering multiple Whatsapp messages sending, but only a few of them comply with Whatsapp’s regulatory rules. How do you actually know if the system you have chosen is legal? Basically, you will not, as long as you won’t ask the right questions. But this is what we’re here for. Except from offering you a legal system- we will put order in your feed.

5 Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing a Whatsapp System

1. How Do I Connect?

A legal connection to a Whatsapp system takes time, sometimes up to two weeks, during which Whatsapp conducts tests on account of your Facebook Business Manager, making sure that you comply with all the rules and that your profile is verified.


As long as you comply with Whatsapp’s sending policy, your account will get a “Green Light” to proceed (Photo by: Pixel)

2. How do I pay?

Whatsapp charges its fees per message, and doesn’t enable a fixed monthly payment for using the system. Together with receiving the authorization to use the system, you will get a new number through which you will be able to send marketing related messages. The number is given to you via leasing, but you can brand it as long as you are using the system. When you are done using the system, the number will be given back to Whatsapp and will no longer be available for use.

 3. How do I send messages?

Whatsapp’s legal system operates a strict and meticulous sending limit, in order to prevent multiple sending of spam messages. Each and every initiated message requires pre-approval by Whatsapp (which takes, approximately, between one hour to 24 hours) prior to sending it to the customers. After the customer replies, you will be able to send free text as you wish. In addition to that, the legal system includes 4 sending steps and limits the volume of messages every 24 hours accordingly (not by date). Each new account starts from the first sending step and its location rises as the messages which are being sent through it is higher and its positive reputation is saved.

The 4 sending steps are divided as followed: First step, Tier 1- up to 1,000 messages per day (new account), second step, Tier 2- up to 10,000 messages per day, third step, Tier 3- up to 100,000 messages per day, fourth step, Tier 4- unlimited message sending. For comparison, the illegal system does not include sending limits.

4. Am I at risk of account blocking?

Basically, as long as you comply with Whatsapp’s sending policy, your account will receive a “Green Light” to proceed as usual. When are you at risk of getting blocked? In case the customers have blocked your messages or haven’t opened them at all, Whatsapp might block the next sending (or part of it), in order to protect the customers from receiving spam messages. It’s important to remember that the use of the legal system guarantees a lower risk of getting blocked in case you exceed the sending limit, while using the illegal system causes an immediate blocking of your account.

5. How do I draft messages?

The unique aspect of Whatsapp as a direct and immediate messaging app operates when you send marketing related messages as well. However, inside the message itself, the legal system has a clear advantage which is expressed in the addition of action-propulsion buttons for conducting a two-way dialogue with customers. This, as opposed to the illegal system where the addition of buttons is depended on the external programming of the system provider.

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