October 2018 Release Updates

As you already know, here at ActiveTrail, we love innovation!
In this version update, it’s not just about new software developments like RESTful API updates and new triggers for Zapier users but we also adapted our information security system to the ISO 27001 standard to make sure our data and your data is managed in the safest and most efficient way.

So here’s everything that’s new at ActiveTrail:

Sending test SMS campaigns. Just what you’ve been waiting for…

We’ve added the option of sending test messages to our SMS campaign feature, as well. You can now send a campaign to yourself or co-workers, prior to releasing it for broad distribution, to make sure everything looks and is delivered just as you planned.

Find out more in the extended SMS campaign guide >>

sms test campaign

Transactional SMS messages – Better, faster, greater reliability!

We’ve developed a separate, faster and more reliable channel for transactional SMS messages.
Now, you can send important SMS messages, such as password resets, coupon codes, invoices and more, immediately and at no extra cost!

Sign-up forms that comply with the European GDPR standards

Worry no more about being fully transparent with your subscribers or whether your sign-up forms are GDPR compliant. All of ActiveTrail’s sign-up forms now include an extra check-box which your subscribers can use to approve your terms and conditions.

sign up form

Read more about the GDPR >>

Importing CSV files back into the system

We’ve made available to you the option to download contact lists and data in CSV format, to make changes and to import the revised CSV file back into ActiveTrail. You no longer need to change the file format, avoiding unnecessary complications!

CSV import

Trigger an automation by manually adding a contact to a group

From now on, manually adding a contact to a specific group can trigger an automation called “Contact joins a group”. The automation will run automatically for the given contact, without requiring the contact to take any action whatsoever, substantially simplifying your workflow.

contact groups

Additional API functions

We’ve developed a much easier way to review each and every contact’s individual activity in regard to your campaigns. By applying the campaign value (messageId) and the contact value (id) in the line of code, you will receive a detailed behavioral analysis noting when the contact opened the campaign, what they did or didn’t do, whether their actions led them to convert and more.


Click here to learn more about RESTful API >>

ActiveTrail Is compliant with the ISO 27001 Standard

ActiveTrail constantly strives to perfect its data security management practices and, as part of these efforts, we initiated a complex and meticulous project to adapt our systems and security protocol to the ISO 27001 information security management standard. By doing so, ActiveTrail became the only company in its industry to have been certified to this standard.
We are very proud of this achievement and we continue to invest heavily in ensuring our clients’ peace of mind and data security.

Read more about the process and the standard >>

As always, if you have any feedback or questions about the updates, please don’t hesitate to contact us – our support team is available Sunday through Thursday, between the hours of 09:00 – 18:00, by phone at +1 (929) 214-1037, via chat or via email.