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Why Email Authentication Matters

25 March, 2017 / / Blog Marketing
Email marketer? You must be knowledgeable about the protocols of email authentication

The Importance of Permission-Based Email Marketing

21 March, 2017 / / Blog Marketing
Learn why Permission-Based Email Marketing is so important for your business!

How to Successfully Integrate Your Email and Social Media Marketing

14 March, 2017 / / Blog Marketing
Many of you use email and social media marketing to promote your small business. But how many of you integrate social media into your email marketing?

How ActiveTrail Marketing Uses ActiveTrail Automation

26 February, 2017 / / Blog Marketing
Here is a simple automation journey that we have prepared for our ActiveTrail subscribers that you can maybe look up to for inspiration.

How to Launch a New Email Marketing Campaign from Zero Subscribers

20 February, 2017 / / Blog Marketing
Just like in most business endeavors, the beginning is usually the most difficult yet the most exciting phase.

Email Mistakes Happen: How to Remedy an Accidental Email Send

15 February, 2017 / / Blog Marketing
Oops... Here are three things you can do to recover from accidental email sends.

Net Promoter Score – How Much Are You Worth to Your Clients?

11 February, 2017 / / Blog Marketing
NPS (=Net Promoter Score) is a significant and simple management tool of customer satisfaction that will help you gain more profits and is now available in ActiveTrail!

Send Email Campaigns the Right Way and Avoid Becoming a Spammer

4 February, 2017 / / Blog Marketing
Email marketing is extremely important to any brand that wishes to promote itself in the digital world. With that being said we must be cautious when sending marketing emails- Here are a number of tips for better email marketing

Must Know Techniques for Personalizing Emails (Beyond Referring to Recipients by Name)

28 January, 2017 / / Blog Marketing
Not satisfied with the opening rates of your campaigns? It's time to learn more advanced personalization tactics...!

How to Use SMS to Compliment Your Email Marketing Campaigns

25 January, 2017 / / Blog Marketing
Best practices in SMS marketing and how ActiveTrail's automation system makes it easy for you to create a consolidated marketing campaign through various channels.
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