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ActiveTrail Acquires TargetHero

25 September, 2016 / / Blog Marketing
With its acquisition of TargetHero, ActiveTrail has taken another step in bringing its industry leading email marketing platform to an ever increasing number of users across the globe.

Using Predictive Analysis in Your Email Marketing Campaign

15 September, 2016 / / Blog Marketing
Active Trail provides its customers with countless automation possibilities that complement their specific business needs. One of Active Trail’s more notable features is named Predictive Delivery.

How to make great pop-ups for lead generation

18 August, 2016 / / Blog Marketing
Pop-ups, sign up forms that pop up in your website, have different roles. Their main function, of course, is to generate leads, grow your mailing list, and ultimately – your number of customers!

An anonymous email address: Why do I need it and how do I create one?

14 August, 2016 / / Blog Marketing
Email marketing is a great marketing tool, but sadly, there are websites and platforms that misuse it, not only bothering users and contacts, but also giving email marketing a bad name.

Version updates, August 2016

8 August, 2016 / / Blog Marketing
As always, ActiveTrail has some exciting surprises for you that you'll be happy to hear about and that are going to put you another step forward in your marketing.

Let the data help you: Everything you need to know about the reports waiting for you in the ActiveTrail platform

31 July, 2016 / / Blog Marketing
In today's market there are more and more database indexing systems and analytical information about marketing activities that let you get up-to-date information about your efforts so you can improve them.

B2B companies and Start-ups: Here’s how to create an automation for a webinar! How to use ActiveTrail’s automation system – article #3

25 July, 2016 / / Blog Marketing
An important activity that combines marketing with guidance, used by companies to help customers and potential customers get to know them better, is the webinar. Learn how to get your customers to watch it!

How Do You Segment Contacts? Here’s how to email your contacts exactly what suits them

11 July, 2016 / / Blog Marketing
ActiveTrail's email marketing platform, especially our automation system, allows you to send email and SMS campaigns according to your contacts' groups and preferences, in short – by segmentation.

How to use ActiveTrail’s automation system? #2 A recommended series of autoresponders for B2B companies

3 July, 2016 / / Blog Marketing
In this article we'll learn which emails should be sent to new B2B systems customers in our system's guide and introduction automation.

Want more info about your users? Here’s how to ask for it

23 June, 2016 / / Blog Marketing
Personalized campaigns give the customer a different feeling and strengthen the bond between them and your brand. For that you need their cooperation - so how can we get our users to give us information?
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