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How to Boost Your Leads Considerably with the Help of Landing Pages

19 July, 2016 / / Landing Pages
Turn a lead into a happy customer: It's time to use landing pages in your marketing efforts

5 unique examples of landing pages to learn from!

17 March, 2016 / / Landing Pages
When you get to work on creating a new landing page, there are a lot of things you have to think about. What's my objective for the campaign? What do I want to get the users to do? ...

Guide: How Can Thank You Pages and Conversion Codes Lower Your Advertising Costs?

6 December, 2015 / / Landing Pages
Understand once and for all what role does thank you pages play in your landing pages and how adding a conversion code to your page can save you loads of money.

The Complete Guide To Remarketing With Landing Pages

2 November, 2015 / / Landing Pages
Learn how to quickly and easily reel back in past visitors to your landing pages with the help of Facebook and Google’s remarketing tool.

How to Create Sign Up Form that Will Expand Your Recipient Lists

15 June, 2015 / / Landing Pages
This is how you can use the sign up forms to get a great impact and leads.

Achieve Perfect Conversion Rates With a Landing Page Creator

6 May, 2015 / / Landing Pages
Conversion is the name of the game: This is how you can pull it off

Professional Landing Pages Creator – The Complete Guide

5 April, 2015 / / Landing Pages
All you need to know about creating professional landing pages - and much more

The Contribution of Mobile Landing Page to Campaign Results

29 December, 2014 / / Landing Pages
Things you must know while building a marketing campaign: The importance of responsive mobile landing pages

How to choose a landing page template that matches your campaign goals

14 December, 2014 / / Landing Pages
Tips: this is how you will choose the best landing page template for your campaign

Active Pages

25 June, 2014 / / Landing Pages
Create beautiful personalized landing pages for your marketing campaigns with ActiveTrail. Landing pages will help grow your income by marketing additional products and services
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