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Reach your clients anytime, anyplace, using mobile responsive designs

Your newsletter campaign is ready to be sent. You’ve spent countless hours going over every word, every picture and every slight aspect of the newsletter’s design to make sure everything is perfect. But what if all that hard work goes down the drain because your clients won’t be able to see your content on their mobile devices?

With ActiveTrail’s mobile responsive designs, you don’t have to give it another thought. No client or potential customer will ever miss a newsletter or email you send, just because they’re using a mobile phone or any other device. ActiveTrail’s email marketing platform is automatically designed to be viewed on every single mobile device available in the market.

Using email marketing that is based on mobile responsive design will prevent current clients from leaving, and allow you to acquire new clients by sending them messages that they can see – no matter where they are, and no aspect of the content or design of your emails will ever be missed.

In the image below: an email on a mobile device and on a PC device:

Mobile responsive designs

ActiveTrail does all the hard work for you by ensuring your newsletters can be accessed using any mobile device

More than 50% of your users visit your site using a mobile device. More than 80% of them access their email accounts from a mobile device on a daily basis. This means that 80% of your clients won’t be able to properly view your emails if you don’t make sure you have a mobile responsive design.

When was the last time you left home without your phone?

In today’s technological world, no one ever wants to be caught without their phone. Ignoring the advances of technology is the number one reason for losing clients in todays’ fast-paced, constantly evolving marketing world. If you want to keep your clients, you have to keep up, and making sure your email newsletters have a mobile responsive design is the way to do just that.

All the advantages in one easy to use product:

Create a newsletter that automatically fits any mobile device.

• Learning how to use the system is a matter of minutes.

• Keep your existing clients in the loop by making sure they don’t miss a single newsletter.

• All features available in one easy to use system, which is also responsible for all your other internet marketing needs.

The importance of mobile responsive designs isn’t just to make your clients more comfortable in reading your emails, but mostly to make sure they never miss an email from you again. Sometimes just one email can be the difference between a successful email campaign and a campaign that didn’t get the message across.

If your emails aren’t easily accessible, your clients won’t bother reading them

With ActiveTrail’s automatic system, there’s no reason to lose another client over accessibility issues ever again.

Mobile responsive designs make email marketing campaign a powerful tool which can’t be matched by conventional marketing methods.

Join ActiveTrail to start sending out emails that can be viewed anytime, anyplace, using any mobile device.

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