Using Business Email Marketing for Economic Growth

Whatever the economic climate, business email marketing remains a reliable source of economic growth – for any business – at any time. Business email marketing gives a business the capacity to target the right people with the right message, quickly and efficiently. In this digital age of communication, it is still the most cost-effective means of marketing online.

Having a website with all the bells and whistles is no longer enough. You cannot afford to wait for someone to find you. With the right business email marketing campaign, you won’t have to. Your campaign will bring your recipients to the website landing page of your choice, increasing the possibility of converting prospects into clients, quickly and efficiently.

Business email marketing helps your business reach its goals

Every business needs to build their ROI. Building your brand name and reputation takes time and planning. Any marketing mix must follow a proven path of success. Your time and energy is a valuable asset, don’t waste it. Knowing your options, helps you choose the email strategy that works best for you. Here are just a few of them:

Building customer relationships

In recent years, companies are depending on email marketing as their primary means for building and preserving solid relationships with past, current, and prospective customers. Business email marketing gives you the opportunity to send valuable savings information directly into your client’s inbox, within seconds, while reinforcing your brand name continually alive in their mind, which is always a good.

Building trust and loyalty

Sending valuable content in your business email marketing campaigns creates an appreciation and trust. The more relevant the information, the more its arrival is anticipated. Be creative, don’t just use your campaigns to sell or promote, but share tips as well. Saving people money and time will show your recipients that they are valuable and appreciated. You do not see them as just a commodity to be marketed.

Permission based campaigns

For any business email marketing strategy to be successful; it must be received and read. Sending business email campaigns to opt in recipients guarantees both. In other words, your email needs to be requested for it them be effective. As more and more email recipients opt in to receive your communications, you are building a vital email address database of interested people, not cold marketed targets. Sending out unsolicited emails, to anyone, is called SPAMMING. This practice is ineffective, and it is against the law. Every email marketer needs to read the Can-Spam laws.

Email newsletter campaigns

Staying in touch with your clients has never been easier. An email newsletter can be used to announce important changes in your company, offer discounts or closeout sales, as well as personal thoughts and tips for the day. Using email newsletters to reach out to former customers, may stir up renewed interest and more sales. It is a great vehicle for communicating information with your personal voice reminding people they are dealing with a person, not a company.

Using customer feedback

There is no greater compliment, than to be asked your opinion. Use a business email marketing campaign to invite feedback from your readers. Don’t just stop there; encourage your readers for their thoughts on issues they would like to see. Ask them if they are happy with your content or do they have some positive and helpful suggestions. Want to see loyalty grow? Implement the results you receive into your next campaign. By doing that, you are showing them their opinions and comments are not only read, but valued and executed. This creates a constant dialogue and communication that is well worth the effort.

Building valuable demographics for all your business email marketing campaigns

Building accurate demographics and behavioral statistics can be worth more than gold. The more accurate your profile, the better you can market. Knowing someone’s preferences allows you into their world of how they think and make decisions. When you know the age, gender, buying habits and profession of your clients and prospects, you will have a clear and precise path that will guide you to creating a finely targeted email business campaign. Knowing the right targets and the wrong ones are vital and necessary for any campaign strategy.

ActiveTrail leads the way

ActiveTrail continues to be a market leader in creating permission based business email campaign marketing strategies that work. Our team is dedicated to partnering with you, helping you obtain a 100% deliverability goal for all your email marketing campaigns. This can only happen by using our state of the art technology, advanced reporting, and detailed analytics.

ActiveTrail gives you the tools you need to engage in and comply with all email marketing industry standards. We help you integrate cutting age ecommerce strategies, whether you are a large corporation marketing globally, or a small business interested in a smaller Internet market. With our live customer support, and years of expertise, you are guaranteed the help and knowledge needed to create any type of business email marketing campaign, while complying with all accepted business email marketing standards and practices.

Don’t create email campaigns in the dark. Let ActiveTrail become your source for building tomorrow’s business solutions.