Do You Have a Business Page on Facebook? This is How You Embed a Sign-up Form Into It

Being a social network, Facebook is a marketing tool that will allow you to loosen your tie a bit and bring in potential leads. Take advantage of this by embedding a sign-up form for your newsletter into your business page.

Fortunately, ActiveTrail allows you to not only create and design dynamic sign-up forms, but also to easily integrate them into your business webpage – and don’t worry, you won’t have to call up your programmers in order to do so.

SignUp form in Facebook pages

This is how you embed a sign-up form into Facebook

Firstly, I recommend that you work with Thunderpenny, which will make integrating the form into the webpage as easy as possible.

  • Add the application to Facebook and open its editing option.
  • Create your sign-up form in the ActiveTrail system with the help us IFRAME or HTML, and then copy the code.
  • In the editing page paste the code into the red box. Then, click on Save & Publish (in the purple box) in order to save the form.

sign up form into facebook

After completing these simple steps, open up your Facebook business page and check out the results.

Here is an example of an ActiveTrail sign-up form in Facebook:

embed signup form in facebook

Now that you’ve seen how simple it is to embed a sign-up form into your Facebook business page, you might want to know that you can do the same thing with a business landing page as well, also within the ActiveTrail system.

This is how a landing page looks in Facebook:

landing pages in facebook

Both the number of registrants and the leads will automatically be incorporated into ActiveTrail’s report system, giving you a comprehensive overview of your campaign’s results. This will lead you to even more efficient actions, such as creating a dynamic group for those who registered in Facebook, sending them a special marketing campaign tailored specifically to them, and sending automatic messages (Autoresponder) to all of your subscribers with additional deals and such.


This guide was written by Jackie Tliaz, a member of the support team at ActiveTrail.

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