How to Launch a New Email Marketing Campaign from Zero Subscribers

With the technological advancements, we’re currently blessed with, one thing’s certain. The future lies within the web. As an online entrepreneur, it’s important to your business to invest in an email campaign. This will let you generate leads, maintain a relationship with your audience, and ultimately convert.

Just like in most business endeavors, the beginning is usually the most difficult yet the most exciting phase. In the same way, launching a new email campaign from scratch may not exactly be a piece of cake.

Make it Happen

Here are some tips you can follow to lessen the load of creating an email campaign for your business.

1. Look for an Email Marketing Platform that Best Suits your Needs

So, you’ve finally finished your website, set up your landing page, and your social media accounts. It’s time to set up your email campaign. When you send out emails to your subscribers, you want an email automation software that can help you send out emails automatically when users subscribe to your newsletter, make a purchase on your website, or sign up.

ActiveTrail is an email marketing software that can help you automate your email campaigns. You can customize your automation to send emails when you want it to. It’s very easy to use.

ActiveTrail features a sophisticated automation system, analytics reports, Just in Time, and A/B testing for your segmentation process (wherein you can categorize your clients based on their interests, location, etc.). These application features will surely help you send out emails and newsletters efficiently.

2. Opt-In, Double opt-in, and Welcome emails can save the day

Opt-in pertains to when a viewer is asked whether he or she would like to subscribe to the newsletter or emails. Double opt-in is similar to opt-in, however, in this case, the individual is sent an email to confirm whether or not he or she really wants to subscribe.

Opt-ins are necessary to ensure that the user really wants to receive your email. This prevents you from being regarded as spam and increases your deliverability rate. Think about it, you want to reach the right people and give them the right content.

3. Write an Email Sequence

Create an email sequence that is specifically targeted to guide your leads down the marketing funnel. Emails are sent out one by one depending on user behavior. You can automate this is in your email autoresponder.

For example, User A receives a welcome email upon signing up. This welcome email can simply welcome your new subscriber to the newsletter series, and provide information about what they can learn from the newsletters and when to expect them in their inbox. The welcome letter can also contain instructions for the new subscriber to confirm their email.

After the welcome email, you can send another email after 7 days, with helpful content. Make sure to include a call-to-action in your email to encourage your subscribers to go to your website.

In your next email, you can provide an additional set of educational and informative content.

Then, you can make your pitch.

However, way you strategize your email sequence, ensure that it provides information that your specific subscriber needs.

4. Promote, promote, and promote!

Once you’re all set up with your email autoresponder, start promoting. Use social media, forums, communities, and get your content out there. Lead users to your landing page where they can sign up to your newsletter.

You can get more email subscribers through constant promotion, content creation, and social media activity. Get your users engaged and involved with your highly valuable content.

Strategies on How to Maintain Your Subscriber’s Loyalty

Now that you have set up a marketing tool to use and obtained their email addresses, it’s time to think of ways to keep your subscribers engaged in your site:

  • Don’t bombard your subscribers with too much email

When sending out emails make sure that you don’t pester your customers with too much email to the point that they would want to hit the unsubscribe button.

Aside from the frequency, you should also be aware of the content of your email. Sending out an email that doesn’t have much content will lead to your email getting sent to the trash—waste of your time and effort.

  • Giveaways can be helpful

Everybody loves freebies! Giveaways can do magic in increasing your subscriber list. However, do consider the price of your giveaway. It’s better to get into a partnership with another company for your giveaways to maximize your profit. It can be a win-win situation wherein you get to promote this company and at the same time you get to earn more subscribers!

  • Personalization is key

Maintaining your subscribers’ loyalty is essential in any business. Therefore it is important that you find out what they want. The aforementioned applications can be of help in this part.

In line with this, it would be better if you make your subscribers feel special. You can give them behind the scenes action, early access to content, or promos that are exclusive for your subscribers only. Be creative! Not only will it make your subscribers feel significant, but it will also encourage non-subscribers to sign up!

These steps are here to guide you in launching your own email campaign. The bottom line in setting up an email campaign is to create a relationship with your clients wherein they know that you can be trusted and that you can deliver their wants or needs in the best quality.

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